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Benedikt Kuhn named Director of Territory Development for MRC des Collines-de-l’Outaouais

21 March 2023 à 1:55 pm

The MRC des Collines-de-l’Outaouais council of mayors have announced the nomination of Benedikt Kuhn, the former DG of the Municipality of Pontiac, to the role of Director of Territory Development for the MRC, effective April 17. Kuhn will succeed Benoît Gauthier, who occupied the role for the past three years and now serves as the […]

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First Liberal Party Youth Commission President from Outaouais

20 March 2023 à 2:10 pm

The Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ) announced last week that Laurence Lefebvre was named the President of the party’s Youth Commission. Lefebvre is a former staffer for Pontiac MNA André Fortin. She joined the party in 2017 and quickly advanced through the ranks, holding various positions with the Youth Commission including regional president for the Outaouais […]

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New truck for the Mansfield Fire Department

20 March 2023 à 10:38 am

Updated on 20 March 2023 à 1:57 pm

The Mansfield-et-Pontefract Fire Department recently purchased a new truck for their fleet. Chief Patrick Bertrand explained that the investment would improve the service that they offer to the region. “It helps fight the fire much faster, especially when it comes to vehicle fires,” he said (translated). “Besides, the new truck, well, it has a bigger […]

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MRC issues call for development projects

17 March 2023 à 2:18 pm

Today, MRC Pontiac issued a call for projects aimed at “improving the quality of life of citizens” as part of the second component of the FRR funding program. In this call, there is $189,339 available for a wide variety of community organizations, non-profits, or municipalities. Applicants must meet with a representative of the Economic Development […]

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WQSB Director Mike Dubeau announces retirement

16 March 2023 à 1:55 pm

The Western Quebec School Board announced yesterday (March 15) in a press release that Director General Mike Dubeau will be retiring. Dubeau has held the position since the start of 2017, and previously served in a variety of senior positions with the board, from Director of human resources to Director of technology. Prior to his […]

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Mayors pass resolution asking for Hydro-Quebec substation in Waltham

16 March 2023 à 11:22 am

At the MRC Pontiac council of mayors meeting last night (March 15), a resolution was passed calling on Hydro-Quebec to build an electrical substation in Waltham. The request was another response by the council to an outage that occurred in the Upper Pontiac during a cold snap in the beginning of February, leaving many without […]

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Disappointed with last minute changes; Jane Toller hopes to see Minister Laforest in the Pontiac soon

14 March 2023 à 1:39 pm

Updated on 15 March 2023 à 10:26 am

Although it had been planned for weeks, last Thursday (March 9), during the news conference in Bryson announcing new funds for revitalization projects in the MRC Pontiac, it was the CAQ MNA for Gatineau, Robert Bussière, who represented the CAQ government instead of the Minister of Municipal Affairs, Andrée Laforest. MRC Pontiac Warden Jane Toller […]

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Centraide Outaouais appoint Cédric Tessier as new Director General

10 March 2023 à 12:52 pm

The chair of Centraide Outaouais’ board of directors, Élaine Dupras, announced that Cédric Tessier would be appointed as the organization’s new executive director. Tessier had at the helme of the organization as Acting Director since November. In making the announcement, Dupras emphasized the confidence the Board has in Tessier ability to run the organization effectively: […]

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29 revitalizations projects will be completed thanks to a new $ 2,5 million Investment in the MRC Pontiac

10 March 2023 à 12:52 pm

Several organizations and politicians met yesterday at the Lions Club in Bryson to unveil the various projects in the new $2.5 million agreement slated for vitalization and development in the MRC Pontiac. A sum of $2,623,469.64 to be exact was granted  to support 29 vitalization projects in the MRC Pontiac. The MNA for Pontiac, André […]

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Municipality of Litchfield asks residents with swimming pools to lookup new municipal safety regulations and to start booking the municipal park this summer

9 March 2023 à 4:25 pm

In a letter addressing Litchfield residents, Municipal officials made a point to remind citizens that the Government of Quebec officially delegated the responsibility of ensuring swimming pool safety to individual municipalities. According to Litchfield public officials, letters have already been sent out to residents who own a swimming pool. And, some homeowners have even received […]

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