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Government extends $18,000 bonuses to Pontiac imagery techs

15 July 2024 à 1:34 pm

Updated on 15 July 2024 à 3:51 pm

Late last week, the Quebec government announced that it had come to an agreement with the APTS, the union representing imagery technicians in the region, to extend bonuses of $18,000 to technicians working in the Pontiac region. The bonuses are equivalent to the ones offered to staff at the Maniwaki Hospital, however, are $4,000 less […]

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Pontiac doctors pen open letter regarding imagery technician pay disparity

9 July 2024 à 3:31 pm

A group of Pontiac physicians have penned an open letter to Quebec’s Health Minister Christian Dubé, requesting that he urgently address the pay disparities for imagery technicians working at the Pontiac Hospital and other facilities in the region. The letter was published in this week’s edition of The Equity newspaper. “We are proud of the […]

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André Fortin discusses announcement of new Gatineau Hospital location

21 June 2024 à 1:13 pm

Pontiac MNA André Fortin came by CHIP 101.9’s studio on June 20 to discuss the big regional news of the day, which was the announcement of a new location for the proposed hospital in Gatineau. The federal government will be transferring the Asticou Centre, located on Boulevard de la Cité-des-Jeunes to the province for the […]

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Pontiac imagery technicians apply for jobs in city due to new bonuses

20 June 2024 à 3:31 pm

Following the news last week that imagery technicians at the Pontiac and Wakefield Hospitals wouldn’t be receiving bonuses of around $20,000 offered to staff at other hospitals in the region, roughly half of the local technicians have applied to jobs elsewhere. The development was first reported in Shawville’s English-language newspaper The Equity. Health authority CISSSO’s […]

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Local officials decry imagery tech bonuses that exclude Pontiac Hospital

13 June 2024 à 4:34 pm

Updated on 14 June 2024 à 3:40 pm

Pontiac’s representative in the National Assembly, André Fortin, held a press conference with other elected officials this afternoon (June 13) outside the Pontiac Hospital calling on the provincial government to offer bonuses to employees at all the region’s hospitals. As reported in Le Droit yesterday, the province announced that bonuses they had been paying to […]

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First four recipients of new nursing bursary announced

12 June 2024 à 2:16 pm

Updated on 12 June 2024 à 3:35 pm

Just a few months after it was announced, the MacLachlan family bursary‘s first recipients met on June 11 to celebrate the contribution to local nursing students. The $100,000 fund, administered by the Pontiac Community Hospital Foundation, will go towards four bursaries of up to $5,000 each per year, with the stipulation that the student must […]

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Baby bundle program for local mothers takes off

10 June 2024 à 4:04 pm

Local mothers have access to a free basket of essential goods for newborns via a baby bundle program started earlier this year. A collaboration between food bank Bouffe Pontiac and Les Amis du Pontiac, a local charity group, the program has distributed items to seven mothers since it started in January. Laura Ray of Les […]

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SOS Outaouais: coalition formed to press provincial government for health care improvements

7 June 2024 à 1:59 pm

A new effort by a coalition of groups to improve the health care situation in the region, called SOS Outaouais, was launched on Thursday (June 6) in Gatineau. The group’s spokesperson Jean Pigeon explained that the idea was based on the SOS Montfort movement, where Franco-Ontarians rallied to stop the closure of the Montfort Hospital […]

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Mental health advocates hear from patients about involuntary hospitalizations

28 May 2024 à 3:45 pm

Earlier this month, a group advocating for people with mental health issues held a public consultation with patients who have been involuntarily hospitalized when deemed a threat to themselves or others. Mélodie Pelletier, a councillor with Droits-Accès de l’Outaouais, explained that they held the consultation in light of the provincial government’s review of law P.38, which regulates […]

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Local officials press CAQ government for action on Outaouais health care staffing

24 May 2024 à 12:30 pm

Local elected officials are urging the provincial government to immediately address the health care staffing crisis that’s anticipated to worsen in the upcoming months. Senior doctors with the regional health authority CISSSO have been sounding the alarm in recent weeks about the difficulty retaining staff in the region and the strain it puts on their […]

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