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Our Ancestors and How They Shaped The Land

Our Ancestors and How They Shaped The Land

14 November 2022 à 12:22 pm

Our Ancestors and How They Shaped the Land is a podcast that talks about some of the key figures that helped develop the Outaouais into the prosperous region that it has become.

Created in collaboration between the Regional Association of West Quebecers (RAWQ) and the Pontiac Community Radio Station (CHIP 101.9), the following podcast is a deep dive into the lives of four key pioneers that shaped the Outaouais region that we know today. Business, Family and Politics, in this podcast, we’ll learn of the Sparks, Wrights and Symmes families, of the relationships they shared and their work and influence helped shape the Outaouais region.

The podcast kicks off with Rick Henderson, a distant relative of Philemon Wright and the author of the book Walking in the footsteps of Philemon Wright. Next, we hear from Lynne Rodier, a local historian, who tells us about the life and career of Nicholas Sparks from his arrival in 1816 to his ownership of Bytown (Ottawa). Linda Sparks, a major contributor to the podcast, talks to us about the “King of Gatineau”: Alonzo Wright. And in the final episode, Lynne Rodier is back to tell us about Charles Symmes, the Owner of the Symmes Inn.


Our Ancestors and How They Shaped The Land is a CHIP 101.9 and RAWQ production.
Hosted by: Jacob Lavigne.
Produced by: Linda Sparks and Jacob Lavigne.
Graphics by: Geneviève Gagnon.
Special thanks: Rick Henderson, Lynne Rodier, Jeanne Nivischiuk, Hayley Campbell, François Carrier, Geneviève Gagnon and Eric O’Brien.