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Episode 2 – Lynne Rodier : Nicholas Sparks

Episode 2 – Lynne Rodier : Nicholas Sparks

14 November 2022 à 12:26 pm

Lynne Rodier is an historian in the Outaouais region. For her first appearance on the podcast (see episode 4), Lynne tells us about the life and career of Nicholas Sparks, the owner of the land known back then as Bytown, which later came to be known as Ottawa.

Nicholas Sparks arrived in the Outaouais region from Ireland in 1816. He worked for P. Wright and Sons and married Philemon Wright Jr’s widow Sarah Olmstead, after his tragic death from a horse carriage accident. The marriage cemented Sparks leadership in the lumber trade on both sides of the river, while also resulted in owning most of the land then known as Bytown.