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Inspired Pontiac

Inspired Pontiac

15 November 2022 à 11:38 am

Join us for an informal discussion with three Pontiac artists and discover the many facets of our guests’ artistic practice.  At the Stone School Gallery, in Portage-du-fort, Barry Young, a woodturner from Bristol, Michele Gagnon, a digital artist from Fort-Coulonge, and Emily McCann, a painter from Quyon held a passionate and genuine discussion about art, creation, and their personal practice.


Here are thematic excerpts from the podcast.

Advice for young artists

Should you get formal training? How do you learn the ropes in arts or crafts? Should you just grab some colours and brushes and run with it? Our guests share their advice to anyone who’d like to start creating.

Commissionned vs. Independent creation

Every professional artist will sell their art. Discover some insight as to what makes commissioned work feel different from independent creation.

Letting go of a piece

Parting with a piece you invested a lot in, whether you gift it or you sell it, rouses a lot of emotions. Dive into what our three artists have to share about letting go of one of their pieces.


To create is to put a part of yourself into the world. Michele, Emily, and Barry share their insight on their relationship between them, their art, and their public.

What makes an artist ?

A seemingly simple question, which sparks a complex and nuanced conversation.