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Chemin Thomas-Lefebvre closed completely from #175 to 181

28 April 2023 à 2:11 pm

Updated on 3 May 2023 à 9:07 am

The situation on chemin Thomas-Lefebvre is now too dangerous according to the Municipality of Mansfield-et-Pontefract, which has decided to completely close the road between addresses 175 and 181, including to local traffic. This was announced this morning (April 28), by Mayor Sandra Armstrong. “So, yes for chemin Thomas-Lefebvre, you knew that we had it closed […]

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Levels predicted to remain stable from Lac Coulonge to Lac Deschênes

28 April 2023 à 10:28 am

Updated on 3 May 2023 à 9:08 am

The Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board has continued to publish daily updates on the levels and flows of the river throughout this spring freshet period. The latest update, from April 27, notes that while levels from snowpack in the lower portion of the basin may have peaked between April 21 and 23, depending on location, […]

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Spring flood: situation stable in Mansfield but vigilance still required, particularly on chemin Thomas Lefebvre

24 April 2023 à 4:13 pm

Updated on 3 May 2023 à 9:09 am

The news regarding the spring freshet in Mansfield is encouraging, in particular on the Coulonge River. According to the Municipality of Mansfield, the company Evolugen does not foresee a significant increase in the coming days. Mayor Sandra Armstrong said the news is encouraging for the Coulonge River, but people are still being asked to keep […]

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Ottawa River levels and flows stabilizing

24 April 2023 à 3:20 pm

Updated on 3 May 2023 à 9:10 am

In the Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board’s latest update, issued on Monday afternoon (April 24), the organization announced that levels and flows on the river’s main stem between Mattawa and Montreal were stabilizing. “The volume of meltwater from the central part of the basin is decreasing,” the statement notes. “Additional water is entering the river […]

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Mansfield flood situation update: “People are asked not to remove anything,” asks the council.

22 April 2023 à 9:02 am

Updated on 3 May 2023 à 9:11 am

Like every day, the Municipality of Mansfield-et-Pontefract has been monitoring the flooding situation. The situation is still worrying in several places. “Please do not use the affected roads to go and confirm the situation. This is unsafe, may damage affected properties and increases the stress on those affected. If you find yourself in immediate danger, […]

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Spring floods 2023: Rain over the weekend could raise levels in spots

21 April 2023 à 11:06 am

Updated on 3 May 2023 à 9:11 am

In the most recent update from the Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board, released on April 20 at 4:47 p.m., the board states that levels and flows on the Ottawa River are expected to increase gradually and stabilize over the weekend. However, rain forecasted for the weekend may add to levels in certain areas. “From Chats […]

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2023 Floods : Thomas Lefebvre Road partially closed to traffic

20 April 2023 à 8:23 pm

Updated on 3 May 2023 à 9:12 am

The Municipality of Mansfield-et-Pontefract issued an update regarding Thomas Lefebvre Road. According to municipal officials, despite a good part of the road being submerged and closed to traffic, both ends of Thomas Lefebvre Road are open. Piles of sand and sandbags were distributed in various sectors of the municipality to help residents obtain sandbags. Few […]

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Flooding 2023: update from Municipality of Mansfield

20 April 2023 à 12:23 pm

Updated on 3 May 2023 à 9:13 am

The Municipality of Mansfield-et-Pontefract is continuing to keep a close eye on the water levels of both the Coulonge and Ottawa Rivers, after declaring a state of emergency due to the spring flooding yesterday (April 19). The conditions expected for this weekend are uncertain and could lead to serious dangers. Here are the roads in […]

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Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board newest update predicts water levels to continue to rise until stabilizing near major flood thresholds

18 April 2023 à 9:07 pm

The Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board released an update on its projected water levels of the Ottawa River this afternoon (April 18, around 5 p.m.). According to the Commission, water levels are expected to continue to rise today and tomorrow and then stabilize at levels near the major flood thresholds. “Water levels and flows on […]

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Centennial Park in Fort-Coulonge closed due to flooding

18 April 2023 à 4:04 pm

The rising river levels have caused the closure of the Centennial Park (located on rue Baume) in Fort-Coulonge this afternoon (April 18). The Municipality Fort-Coulonge asks the population to exercise the greatest caution around the Coulonge River.

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