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Budget 2023: Waltham

Budget 2023: Waltham

19 January 2023 à 3:14 pm

In the last few weeks, municipal councils accross the MRC Pontiac have been developing and adopting their budgets for 2023. readers will soon be able to see the budget overviews of each MRC municipality and read up on the realities they face this year.

The Municipality of Waltham

In 2023, the Municipality of Waltham is projecting a budget of $2,092,877 in revenue. Which is a significant increase from previous years – $1,081,877 in revenues in 2022.

Fernand Roy, Waltham’s long-standing Director General (since 1985), says the Municipality has several revitalization projects coming up in 2023, including a major portion dedicated to road improvements. However, he says inflation could still shift the municipality’s budgetary priorities in 2023.

Like other municipalities in the Pontiac, the Municipality of Waltham has seen significant 28% increase in its MRC Pontiac shares, but Roy confirmed that the increase has not affected residents.

The 2023 budget for the Municipality of Waltham is available here.

The full interview with Fernand Roy, the Director General of the Municipality of Waltham, is available here.