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Budget 2024: Chichester invests in roads, waterfront beautification

12 February 2024 à 1:13 pm

Updated on 12 February 2024 à 3:22 pm

CHIP 101.9 spoke with Chichester Mayor Donald Gagnon to discuss the municipality’s recently passed budget. Revenues The municipality is anticipating $562,437 in tax revenues for 2024, as well as $755,395 in transfers, making up the majority of the $1,428,396 in revenue. Gagnon said that they would be investing in their road network, specifically chemin de […]

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Budget 2024: Rapides-des-Joachims Mayor discusses new job, new projects

8 February 2024 à 2:19 pm

Updated on 8 February 2024 à 3:55 pm

CHIP 101.9 spoke with newly elected Rapides-des-Joachims Mayor Lucie Rivet Paquette as well as Director General Alana Bowes about this year’s plans in MRC Pontiac’s furthest flung community. Revenues  Rapides council approved an increase to the mill rate of 5 cents per $100 evaluation, from $1.12 in 2023 to $1.17 in 2024, which Paquette said […]

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Budgets 2024: Bristol drops mill rate 15 cents, assessing repairs on Norway Bay pier

7 February 2024 à 3:13 pm

CHIP 101.9 spoke with Bristol Mayor Brent Orr about the municipality’s budget for 2024. Revenues Bristol, like several other municipalities, saw a sizable increase in property assessments, which Orr attributed to the pandemic’s impact on home sales. The overall property valuation nearly doubled from $259,077,100 in 2023 to $405,152,800 this year.  Orr said that they […]

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Budget 2024: Thorne increases mill rate, invests in road network

6 February 2024 à 10:59 am

As part of CHIP 101.9’s annual tour of MRC Pontiac’s municipal budgets, we spoke with Thorne Mayor Karen Kelly to discuss this year’s plans for her territory. Revenues Tax revenues were up in 2024 compared to the previous year ($1,073,895 vs $904,696), though overall revenue was down due to a decline in transfers. This year […]

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Budget 2024: Shawville lowers mill rate, sees big increase in valuations

6 February 2024 à 10:22 am

Updated on 7 February 2024 à 7:29 am

CHIP 101.9 spoke with Shawville Mayor Bill McCleary about the municipality’s recently passed budget for 2024. Revenue  In discussing the budget, McCleary mentioned that the municipality of Shawville is facing a situation they’re calling the COVID effect. In 2020-21, many homes in Shawville sold for above market value and this year the MRC Pontiac reassessed […]

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Budget 2024: Alleyn-et-Cawood using regional funds for local recreational infrastructure

30 January 2024 à 2:10 pm

Updated on 30 January 2024 à 3:28 pm

As part of CHIP 101.9’s annual tour of Pontiac’s municipal budgets, we spoke with Alleyn-et-Cawood Director General Isabelle Cardinal about the goings on in the region’s eastern corner. Revenues Cardinal explained that much like the previous several years, the municipality is keeping their mill rate at $1.13 per $100 assessed. She said that while they […]

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Budget 2024: L’aux-Allumettes raises mill rate slightly, invests in road network

30 January 2024 à 1:30 pm

As part of CHIP 101.9’s tour of municipal budgets throughout the Pontiac, we spoke with L’Isle-aux-Allumettes Mayor Corey Spence about this year’s plans on the island. Revenues Spence explained that they increased their mill rate slightly, from 56 cents per $100 assessment in 2023 to 58 cents this year, which he said was to keep […]

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Budget 2024: Campbell’s Bay increases mill rate 6 cents, plans for new fire hall

25 January 2024 à 2:26 pm

Updated on 25 January 2024 à 3:27 pm

As part of CHIP 101.9’s tour of the municipal budgets of MRC Pontiac, we spoke with Campbell’s Bay Mayor Raymond Pilon about how this year is shaping up. Revenues Pilon explained that this year council decided to increase the mill rate by 6 cents, from 72 cents to 78 cents per $100 evaluation, to keep […]

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Budget 2024: Clarendon sees tax base increase, lowers mill rate 6 cents

19 January 2024 à 2:40 pm

As part of CHIP 101.9’s overview of municipal budgets throughout the Pontiac region, we spoke with Clarendon Mayor Ed Walsh about the goings on in his municipality. Revenue This year Clarendon’s budget decreased slightly in size, from $3,552,234 in 2023 to $3,489,555 in 2024. Walsh explained that due to a significant rise in property evaluations, […]

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Budgets 2024: the non-organized territory of Lac-Nilgaut

8 January 2024 à 9:35 am

Updated on 12 January 2024 à 3:14 pm

At the final MRC council meeting of 2023, the mayors approved the 2024 budget for the non-organized territory (TNO) of Lac-Nilgaut. At more than 8,500 square km, it accounts for more than 70% of the MRC’s overall land. The council of mayors acts as administrators for this territory, with separate meetings being held before their […]

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