• André Fortin says health services won’t change

  • André Fortin new office location

  • Impaired man found in vehicle in Mansfield


  • Richard Grimard will leave the region

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André Fortin says health services won’t change

Many residents are worried about health care quality in the Pontiac after April 1st.

For the past several months, the Couillard Government strived to reassure all of Quebec that the cuts are only administrative, Pontiac MLA, André Fortin reinforces this point:

Charlotte L'Écuyer read on the impact that Bill 10 could have on the Pontiac, is different from André Fortin’s:

André Fortin new office location

Next week, André Fortin office will change location. It will be located at 104 Front Street in Campbell's Bay.

Some other members of the national assembly have been ordered to check the costs of their constituency offices, the cost of this new office will be less than the current. 

Impaired man found in vehicle in Mansfield

On March 23rd at 4AM , The Sûreté du Québec in the MRC Pontiac, noticed a suspicious vehicle behind a gas station of highway 148, in Mansfield. After routine checks, the driver of the vehicle had to pass a coordination tests (ECM). After failing the test, he was driven to the Sûreté du Québec station to undergo additional testing for drugs.

The 18-year-old man from Mansfield, was released on a promise to appear in court. He could face drug impairment charges, and possession of narcotics. 


Arnprior and Petawawa had the largest amount of new tax roll growth last year in Renfrew County. That means new properties coming onto the tax rolls in 2014 - creating real tax growth - not just increases in existing property assessments. While real growth in the county averaged 1.61 per cent - in Arnprior the number was 3.18 per cent and Petawawa was a close second with an even 3 per cent. 

Richard Grimard will leave the region

As of April first, Richard Grimard will no longer be general manager of the Pontiac CSSS.

In an interview with CHIP 101.7, Richard Grimard announced that he will be leaving the Pontiac region after having spent several years of his life:

Mr. Grimard will not be retiring as announced in the Pontiac Journal, but he will be looking for new challenges. 

The Pontiac CSSS memorial protest on April 1

The Pontiac will mark the end of the CSSS Pontiac, which will be replaced by the CISSSO on April 1.

According to Richard Romain, they will be invited to sign a sympathy card to be delivered to the Member André Fortin.

Richard Romain is certain that this law will have negative effects on the health services offered:

Former MLA Charlotte L’Écuyer said although there will be a shift in the management and some autonomy lost, she is confident that the service will stay the same.


A major funding announcement Tuesday afternoon for the Renfrew County District School Board. The board has learned it will receive $3.1 million for rebuilding Sherwood Public School within the Madawaska Valley District High School. Under the re-organization, MVDHS would handle Kindergarten through to Grade 12 beginning in the fall of 2016. The model would be similar to the Mackenzie Public School in Deep River. The money is coming from the Ontario Ministry of Education. 


And the Upper Ottawa Valley OPP warns you may be the next target of a fraud circulating on the internet. Police say on March 17th, a victim who was seeking a roommate received a cheque from a fraudster with more than the asking amount for rent, and then was asked for the excess to be sent back. The OPP urge residents to never accept a cheque for more than the asking price and to make sure you know who you are dealing with before sending money to someone. 

CSSS du Pontiac will have a Communication’s redundancy

The Director-general of the CSSS du Pontiac, requests to provide the region with a communications redundancy, have brought fruit.

Richard Grimard the Director-general of the CSSS says a videoconference will be held next Monday between the Director-general and the Government in order to know when a system to prevent a communications blackout in the Pontiac will be installed, Richard Grimard:

He also said the new system will be a wireless microwave system which will allow the service from Gatineau, to automatically connect the hospital to Pembroke in the case of a telecommunication system failure:

TELUS, one of the Pontiac’s service providers already had to pay a $ 4 million fine for not complying with legally binding terms of the contract to the Government of Quebec for not providing the fiber optic cable to all the health services that would have created a redundancy. 

Day of mourning for Pontiac Health and Social Services Centre

To officially mark the end of the Pontiac Health and Social Services Centre, the employees of the hospital have organized a day of mourning.

While the hospital will still operate in much the same way, the administration is facing a shuffle as a result of the recently-adapted Law 10. This law has amalgamated regional services into Integrated Health and Social Services Centers, eliminating much of their previously-held autonomy.

Ricky Romain, employee of the hospital and grievance officer for the health care workers union, is asking the community to come participate in the day of mourning, during which visitors can sign a massive sympathy card, in protest of the new law.

Services will be held in both Fort-Coulonge and Shawville on April 1st.