• William Amos went door-to-door in the Gatineau area

  • Presentation of the fire service for Pontiac West

  • Men's Fastball league in Shawville

  • BBQ fundraiser tomorrow organized by the youth Cooperative services of the Pontiac

  • Charlotte L'Ecuyer: Pontiac lack of visibility

Latest News

William Amos went door-to-door in the Gatineau area

Last week the MP for the Pontiac, William Amos, went door-to-door in the Gatineau area to share his views with his constituents and informed the public of various Government projects. In an interview with CHIP, Mr. Amos explained how he will go approach the public in the Pontiac, through events like Town Hall meetings:

Mr. Amos also made gave an update on preparations for the Economic Summit which will be held this fall. He speaks of the difficulties on having just one meeting in such a large region

The Economic Summit will be held on October 3. 

Presentation of the fire service for Pontiac West

The mayors and members of municipal councils of Chichester, Allumette Island and Sheenboro presented the new integrated fire service last Monday night.  

The mayors and the new head of the fire services (SSI) also took the opportunity to thank Virgil Dayment for his years of service as Director of the SSI of the Allumette Island. 

Photo : the members of Pontiac Ouest FSS, facebook Pontiac county firefighter's association

Men's Fastball league in Shawville

The Shawville Fastball League is in its 3rd year now. One of the organizers of the League, Matt Greer explains the reason why they wanted to start a Fastball League:

The League’s season closing tournament is coming soon.

There are 4 teams in the League: the Royals, the Athletics, the Bucks and the Twins. 

Next Monday: the Royals played against the Bucks at 6PM.

BBQ fundraiser tomorrow organized by the youth Cooperative services of the Pontiac

A BBQ fundraiser organized by the youth Cooperative services of the Pontiac will take place tomorrow, July 29, from 10:30 AM to 3:30PM at the Metro in Mansfield at located at 231 rue Hérault.  

The funds raised at the BBQ will allow students of the Cooperative to pay for the equipment necessary for the operation of the COOP, gasoline used for grounds maintenance and social activities they organize this summer. Aid workers for the COOP will be present at the BBQ to answer questions. 

Charlotte L'Ecuyer: Pontiac lack of visibility

The former MLA for the Pontiac and contributor for CHIP Charlotte L'Ecuyer, recently spoke out on making headlines accords the province of Quebec.  

The former representative felt that it was a pity that the Pontiac doesn’t have greater media visibility saying that the province talks about every region except for the Pontiac.

She adds that the reason for the lack of attention is because of a partnership between the Pontiac and organizations representing the whole of the Outaouais region. She says that the Outaouais Organizations will use our demographics to secure funding resource and then forget that the Pontiac is within their jurisdiction.

The full interview with Charlotte l ' Écuyer is available on our website at CHIPFM.com under the French audio section. 

Fatal quad accident

A fatal quad accident occurred Monday night around 10: 45 p.m. on Picanoc road in Otter Lake at the ZEC Pontiac in the Northern area of the RCM.  

Sûreté du Québec police officers were called to the scene of the accident were they discovered the body of a 37-year-old on the ground. His death was confirmed in hospital. It appeared that the driver was not wearing a helmet. 

Off-road rescues; The MCN wants to hire a non-profit organization

The MRC Pontiac has sent a communication to the Government of Quebec to obtain more details and information concerning the rescue organization and other security operations for off road trials and unorganized regions. Like other MRC throughout the Outaouais, the Pontiac has appealed to a non-profit organization, consisting of volunteers to perform off-road rescues. The Government of Quebec questioned the capability of the non-profit organization‘s ability to fulfill this role in the unorganized regions. The MRC Pontiac hopes entrusted responsibilities to a non-profit organization which will train volunteers in how to deal with off road emergency rescues for example in a snowmobile accident. 

The election of a new mayor in the Grand Calumet Island will take place on October 30

Following the resignation of the Mayor of Grand Calumet Island, Irene Nadeau, a municipal election of a new mayor will be held on October 30. According to the Director General of the municipality, Jacques Mantha, the nomination process to fill the position has not started. This will be the third elected Mayor since the General election of November 2013. 

Eric Smith elected to number 5 municipal Council seat of Clarendon

The municipality of Clarendon held an election for the number 5 municipal Council seat a few weeks ago. The three candidates were Margarite Conoly, Eric Smith and Kevin Lam, Eric Smith won the election. According to information obtained, 24% of the municipal population, 262 people, had exercised their right to vote Mr. Smith attended his first municipal meeting yesterday evening. 

More reactions concerning the PPJ

The PPJ Cycloparc Committees has another public reaction that can be added to the records having to do with the possibilities of allowing access to quads in Pontiac on the trail. In an open letter published yesterday in the newspaper Le Droit, a resident of Gatineau, Céline Larabie describes the Cycloparc as a jewel of the Outaouais. She noted that cycling is gaining popularity, but that our PPJ Cycloparc is not as popular as other cycloparcs. Mrs. Larabie has suggested that the Committee of the PPJ should consider working with tourism Outaouais, to increase ridership in order to stop the possibility of quad traffic.  

Last week, the Warden of the Pontiac MRC Raymond Durocher gave an interview to Radio-Canada and stressed that the safety of cyclists was paramount and that the MRC will not, for the moment, allow all-terrain vehicles on the PPJ.