• CHIP 101.9 has officially launched its 2016-2017 programming

  • Appointment of a new Director of the fire safety services in the municipality of Pontiac

  • The cooperative of solidarity hops Pontiac nominated for the 2nd Gala discovered cooperative

  • St-Pierre parish in Fort-Coulonge fundraising campaign launched

  • Renovations on George Bryson House began

Latest News

CHIP 101.9 has officially launched its 2016-2017 programming

CHIP 101.9 has officially launched this year’s programming. Pontiac community radio had some changes, mainly during 1 to 4PM Monday to Friday timeslot in the afternoon. Also the Gong is moving from Thursdays to Wednesday from 6 to 8 PM.  In the coming weeks, you can expect to see the unveiling of CHIP’s new logo. 

Appointment of a new Director of the fire safety services in the municipality of Pontiac

The Council of the municipality of Pontiac endorsed last Tuesday the appointment of Richard J. Groulx as Director of the fire safety Service. A press release from the municipality, stressed that a rigorous process led by the National Fire Academy of the Québec (ENPQ) had screened  Mr. Groulx as part of the selection process. Richard J. Groulx has training as a fire safety Officer, an instructor, in boating safety, explosives, as a rescue specialist, and much more. During his thirty year career Mr. Groulx has worked with the fire safety Service of the city of Gatineau, as an instructor and Detective-investigator.

Mayor Roger Larose is very pleased with the appointment of Mr. Groulx. He believes he can modernize the Fire Service of the municipality of Pontiac.

Mr. Groulx is the first Director to occupy the position full time. 

The cooperative of solidarity hops Pontiac nominated for the 2nd Gala discovered cooperative

The 2nd cooperative discovery Gala will be held on October 11 in Quebec City. The cooperative Solidarité Houblon Pontiac is nomination for an innovation discovery award; Awarded to a coops distinguished by their involvement in the community and accountable to those who live there. A video about the cooperative Solidarité Houblon Pontiac can be viewed directly on the site of the gala. www.Reseau.Coop/Actualite/Gala-decouvertes-cooperatives 

St-Pierre parish in Fort-Coulonge fundraising campaign launched

A funding campaign for St-Pierre parish in Fort-Coulonge has taken off. In a written letter to the parishioners, father Real Ouellette states that the great achievements in the Church are the works of several people. He also discusses the different achievements in recent months, including stained glass windows of the Church. For the next few months, father Real Ouellette says that a culinary restaurant will operating out of the church. Among other things, he said he would like to restore the same interior style that St. Pierre church had before renovations in the 1950s. 

Renovations on George Bryson House began

Renovations on George Bryson House began. This is after a few pledged amounts the Government has dedicated to renovating the historic structure but the municipality of Mansfield was unable to find a construction company within their budget. This construction follows an announcement about the Government's investment to repair the roof of the George Bryson House on October 5, 2015. 

Jovalco will present his factory to the media in early October

Jovalco located in Litchfield invites the media on October 6 for a presentation and a tour of its facilities. The aim of this conference is to inform the public on the State of the start-up of its plant in Litchfield. 

The socio-economic forum will be held on Monday in Maniwaki

We are only a few days away from the socio-economic forum organized by MP Will Amos, on Monday, October 3 in Maniwaki.

Furthermore, for this meeting, our representative in Ottawa published a letter in the edition of the newspaper Le Droit yesterday. In his text entitled: La Complémentarité rurale urbaine en Outaouais the urban rural complementarity in the Outaouais, Will Amos underlings that the rural population of the Outaouais region, including Pontiac, contributes significantly to the development of our regions and urban areas. He says that urban communities need in rural areas. In conclusion he pleads for a complementarity vision in rural and urban areas. 

Charlotte L'Écuyer says that an elected Warden is an investment

Regular on CHIP 101.9, Charlotte L'Écuyer is talking about a Warden elected by universal suffrage. The former Member of the National Assembly believes that this initiative would be an investment for the Pontiac:

Charlotte L'Écuyer can be heard regularly on CHIP FM. 

Free Training entrepreneurs on the understanding of financial statements

Free training to entrepreneurs will focus on the understanding of the financial statements. This training  is Offered by the SADC Pontiac to companies. Entrepreneurs are invite to bring their financial statements for the occasion. This workshop will help participants to learn about financial statements and probably things they never dared to ask. All will take place within a framework of a lunch, in French on October 11 and in English on October 18. For more information or to register, call the SADC Pontiac at 819-648-2186. 

The Ladysmith Oktoberfest takes place this weekend

One of the greatest traditional events held in the Pontiac is the Ladysmith Oktoberfest This weekend starting on Friday, September 30 to October 2 the event will be held.

President of the Ladysmith Oktoberfest Lorraine Bretzlaff, tell us about this year’s celebration of German heritage:

This Sunday, October 2 all are invited to wear traditional German outfits.

The full interview with Lorraine Bretzlaff, is on our website CHIP FM.com under the audio section