• Event to raise awareness about the poor condition of the Chemin du Lac Jim

  • Drive carefully during Back to school season

  • Escapade Eskimo’s La vallée des rosiers, a growing business in the Pontiac

  • The Mansfield traffic light now in service

  • CHIP frequency change this Friday

Latest News

Event to raise awareness about the poor condition of the Chemin du Lac Jim

Residents, vacationers and business owners stopped traffic on the Chemin du Lac Jim in order to raise awareness about the poor maintenance planning of the road which is in bad condition, yesterday (Monday August 22), from 7 AM to the early afternoon.

In an interview with CHIP, the vice-president of the association of Lac Jim Resort, Kenneth Soucie, accompanied by one of the members concerned, Hector Soucie, explained that forestry companies use the road without putting anything back into the road, and that their past plea for repair have gone ignored:

Hector Soucie said the aim of their event yesterday morning was to bring awareness to the importance of the road and that by not fixing the roads that the governments involved are going backwards on their commitment to tourism:

A meeting was held today to discuss solutions to their complaints. 

Drive carefully during Back to school season

The start of the school year is coming soon. In the Pontiac, drivers will have to be careful on the roads. Sûreté du Québec officers of the MRC Pontiac remind everyone the importance of following driving safety rules, especially the speed limit in school zones. Those caught exceeding speed limits in school zones will get two demerit points and a fine of over a hundred dollars. 

Escapade Eskimo’s La vallée des rosiers, a growing business in the Pontiac

Tourism company Escapade Eskimo, in Otter Lake, recently launched an observatory to gaze out into the stars. One of the owners of Escapade Eskimo Caroline Desrosiers, explains that they wanted something to attract tourist form the city, that would keep them in the area longer:

In the last few months, Escapade Eskimo has expanded its tourism base offer by offering accommodation tailored to customer, products related to the production of maple syrup, as well as several other products to increase and to satisfy the growing number of tourist. 

The Mansfield traffic light now in service

After a long wait, the Pontiac now has its second set of traffic light of the MRC, now that the one in Mansfield at the intersection of Chemin de la Chute and highway 148 is operational. It took several years petitioning, raising awareness and canvassing in order to convince the government to invest in this new infrastructure. 

CHIP frequency change this Friday

This Friday CHIP will move to the 101.9 frequency. This follows a one week delay ordered by the CRTC, CHIP will be broadcasting at 101.9 as of this Friday, August 26 at 7 pm. For the occasion CHIP adds $200 to the weekly Bingo from Monday, August 29. 

MRC clarify its Position on the PPJ and ATV’s

The MRC wants to clarify its Position on the PPJ Cycloparc after misinformation has been curculatin in the Outaouais over the past few weeks that suggest that the MRC is intending to allow quads and other motorized vehicles on the whole bike path.  

The MRC’s website confirms that the Council has no intention to deprive the cyclists and hikers of the PPJ, nor endanger their safety by allowing motorized vehicles on the bike path. The MRC pontiac says it took over two decades to build this path and get the status of a green road; It remains exclusively reserved for hikers and human powered vehicles, and failure to comply with access restrictions may result in a fine ranging from $ 250 to $ 500.  

The MRC PPJ Committee, created on April 16 during the MRC Pontiac regular Council meeting, has a mandate to identify potential routes which would allow ATV’s to move travel from one municipality to the next. The potential routes criteria is meet along the PPJ, were the existing ATV trails is a busy roads and that the PPJ is wide enough for the creation of an official track for both Bike/Hiker and ATV traffic that will be safe for everyone.  

The Committee will report to the MRC Council on September 20, 2016. 

3 MRCs of Western Quebec Warden went well

The Warden of the MRC Pontiac Raymond Durocher, returned with a positive feeling following his meeting with MRC Témiscamingue’s Warden Arnaud Warolin and Warden Michel Merleau of the MRC de la vallée de la Gatineau.  

Raymond Durocher told CHIP that in his view the solutions to the challenges faced by the Pontiac population are party in this partnership of the three MRCs of Western Quebec.  

A plan including the main concerns three MRC’s on topics such as the economy, transport, and communications will be implemented in the coming weeks. Employees of the three MRC’s will work on this Portfolio. 

MRC Pontiac invests $150,000 for waterways

The MRC Pontiac announces an investment of $150,000 for 2016 and 2017 in the agreement for the restoration of the waterways management on public lands. The multiplier effect of this partnership between the Department, the MRC and the sponsor program will generate about 900 000$ for the rehabilitation of bridges and culverts in the territory. The contribution from the MRC comes in part from the Resorts leases (100 k$) and the TNO budget (50 k$). 

Residents disgruntled over the condition of Chemin du Lac Jim

Local residents want to organize a barricade Chemin du Lac Jim on Monday August 22, specifically at 18 kilometer mark. They accuse various stakeholders of not up keeping or improving the road leaving it very poor condition. The goal would be to prevent forestry companies or others from exploiting the natural resources so that the road could be improved. 

The prefect of Pontiac in visit in Témiscamingue

Today, the three Western Quebec Wardens meet in Témiscamingue. Arnaud Warolin of the Temiscamingue MRC, Michel Merleau of the MRC de la Vallée-de-la-Gatineau and Raymond Durocher of the MRC Pontiac meet to discuss among other things a common development plan for these three MRC’s of Western Quebec. The forest industry, road network as well as the implementation of tourism should also be part of the discussions.