• Sheenboro Mayoral Election

  • End to fire prevention week

  • Information session for seniors in Luskville

  • Paramedicine gets boost in Renfrew County

  • Decision time approaches for the Liberals in Pontiac County

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Sheenboro Mayoral Election

On Sunday sheenboro will be going to the polls to elected the next mayor of the municipality.

The voters will have the choice between two candidates Dorris Ranger and Carole Neville. The election will take place in between 10 AM and 8 PM on October 19 at the parish hall 57 Chemin de Sheenboro.

103 of the 285 Residents have already voted during last Sundays advanced polls representing 36.14 percent of the population. 

End to fire prevention week

Last week was fire prevention week. The Shawville-Clarendon Fire Chief Lee Laframboise speaks out about what he thinks is needed to prevent fires.

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The Shawville-Clarendon fire fighters protects 4000 residents and 140 square miles. 

Information session for seniors in Luskville

An information session on programs and services available for seniors will be held in Luskville next week. This is an ideal opportunity for those caring for a loved one to come together to find a way break the loneliness that can occur with the elderly. The information session is taken place from 1 PM to 3 PM at the Luskville community centre on Wednesday, October 29th. For more information, please contact the project manager, Tamy Boucher at 819-457-2121 Ext. 242. 

Paramedicine gets boost in Renfrew County

Renfrew County's paramedics will soon be taking a greater role in caring for seniors and those with chronic conditions right in their own homes. The province has committed 248 thousand dollars to expand the county's paramedicine program.  

Minister of Health and Long Term Care Dr. Eric Hoskins says when people with higher needs are able to receive care in the home and in the community by a team of highly skilled health professionals, it lightens the load on emergency rooms. The Renfrew County program is serving as a model for a program being rolled out province wide. Also, Renfrew and Hastings County are getting over $650,000 in federal funding to participate in a study evaluating the economic value of community paramedicine programs. 

Decision time approaches for the Liberals in Pontiac County

The liberal party of the Canada will hold an assembly on 25 October to choose its candidate for the next federal election in Pontiac County.

Four candidates are officially in the running’s: William Amos, Josey Bouchard, Cindy Duncan-McMillan and Rory Nisan. One of them will then have the task of regaining the riding that has been a liberal stronghold from 1965 to 2006, with the exception of nine years between 1984 and 1993.

In the 2006, 2008 and 2011 elections, the liberal party of the Canada however lost the Pontiac. The first two times, Lawrence Cannon of the Conservative Party of Canada, was nominated. In 2011, the orange wave engulfed the province including the Pontiac brining Mathieu Ravignat to represent the riding.

Dan Callaghan thoughts on reintegration

Ontarians will be heading to the polls on October 27th to choose who will be on Municipal council in the various communities across the province. In the city of Pembroke one of the hot button issues is whether or not the City should remain independent of the county of Renfrew. According to Dan Callaghan now is not the time to consider a merger.

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For the full interview go to chipfm.com look under the Audio Section 

Carbon monoxide alarms now mandatory in Ontario homes

It is now the law to have carbon monoxide alarms in all homes in Ontario with fuel burning appliances or attached garages or carports.

Bill 77 officially came into effect two days ago (Oct. 15). Arnprior fire Chief John Okum said carbon monoxide alarms will now be part of their smoke alarm program and door to door campaigns.    

Deep River Fire Chief Doug Tennant says now that the Hawkins- Ji-nac Act has become a law, his department is focusing on public education.      

He adds if anyone needs help installing their alarms they can call the Fire Department and someone will come to help. This new law is the result of the Hawkins-Gignac Act that was passed in 2013 after retired firefighter John Gignac lost his niece and her family to carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Investments for roads in the Pontiac

Announced by the Member of national assembly for the riding of Pontiac André Fortin, has announced that several investments are being made to improve the road system of the Pontiac.

The budget used for these investments comes from the Department of transportation according to the recommendations and repaired criteria. The work, includes a sum of 60 thousand dollars to the municipality of Fort-Coulonge for the rehabilitation of Chemin Bord de l'eau, 128 thousand dollars will also be used for Thomas Lefebvre road in Davidson within the municipality of Mansfield and 100 thousand dollars for Victoria avenue in Shawville.

Funds were also awarded to the Municipality of Clarendon, Campbell's Bay and Grand-Calumet Island.

Thanksgiving weekend in the Pontiac, reports the Sûreté du Québec

Statistics have been filed by the Sûreté du Québec following the Thanksgiving long weekend for traffic infractions. In the Pontiac, no collision with injuries have occurred, compared to 3 last year. No arrests due to impairment were made. However, 40 tickets were issued on the highways of the Pontiac MRC, compared to 18 last year. This increase did not only take place in the Pontiac, but everywhere in the Outaouais region. A total of 607 tickets were issued this year compared to 447 in 2013.


The city of Pembroke is planning to fight the decision by Canada Post to install community mail boxes. Back in December, Canada Post announced it would be ending door-to-door mail delivery across the country, forcing residents to collect their mail from community mail boxes. Pembroke city council is working to make the government reverse that decision, according to Mayor Ed Jacyno.

Jacyno adds that council is also looking at the idea of developing a by-law to prohibit the placement of community mail boxes on city owned property. Council doesn't like the idea either of local economies losing 6000 to 8000 quality jobs across the country.