• Email threat to Heritage College and the Cégep de l'Outaouais

  • The MRC is entrusted the administration of TGIRT for the Outaouais

  • Become a hero in 30 minutes

  • Garrison Petawawa Sports Day in Canada

  • Concerns about the quality of services for people with intellectual disabilities

Latest News

Email threat to Heritage College and the Cégep de l'Outaouais

A new threat was received by Heritage College and the Cégep de l'Outaouais via email.

Police were dispatched to verify the presence of a threat, and evacuation where not deemed necessary.

Students had to be searched before entering the various campus.

Sergeant Marc Tessier for the Sûreté du Québec explains the location that was threatened was unoccupied.

Police have not confirmed if there would be a link between this and the other bomb threats in recent weeks. 

The MRC is entrusted the administration of TGIRT for the Outaouais

MRC Pontiac’s board of administration has been informed that a joint agreement between the Department of Forestry, Wildlife and Parks, the City of Gatineau and the Outaouais MRC, has been confirmed. As a result of this agreement a new council is being formed, the Table de gestion intégrée des ressources et du territoire (TGIRT) in the Pontiac.

The MRC Pontiac will be responsible for the coordination of the TGIRT in the Pontiac. The Warden of the MRC Raymond Durocher said that the MRC wanted to play an active role in forest planning on public lands.

MRC will hire someone to coordinate TGIRT. The budget for the Tables de gestion intégrée des ressources et du territoire is 672 000$. 

Become a hero in 30 minutes

In Luskville, the Youth Action Group indicated via his Facebook page that space is still available for training for the Become a hero in 30 minutes program, which will begin on December 6 at the Luskville community center.

Cost is $ 5 per person; training lasts 30 minutes and will teach you the basics and essential steps to save a life such as CPR. 

Garrison Petawawa Sports Day in Canada

On Friday Garrison Petawawa troops participated in Sports Day in Canada. The Pembroke Daily Observer reports that Canadian forces participated in such events as five-kilometer jersey ball hockey, volleyball, indoor soccer and hockey. Sports Day Presented by ParticipACTION, RBC, CBC Television, and True Sport falls in line with the military's sports program, as it can help develops leadership, perseverance, self-discipline, confidence, and sportsmanship and other great traits having to due with team work and collaboration.

(Photo; SEAN CHASE/DAILY OBSERVER Members of 2 Field Ambulance engages in a fast-paced floor hockey game against 2 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group Headquarters and Signals Squadron. Garrison Petawawa hosted its third Sports Day in Canada on Friday.)


Concerns about the quality of services for people with intellectual disabilities

The union affiliated with Pavillon du Parc in the CSN have voiced their concerns with the budgetary constraints from the CISSSO.

The union president, Michel Rossignol, expressed concern for the quality of services for people with intellectual disabilities and disorders in the region:

The Pavillon du Parc Residence in Fort-Coulonge was closed earlier this year. While the Shawville location is still in operation, Michel Rossignol believes that there could be other closures:

The residence is Fort-Coulonge has been closed since last August. 

Increased number of power outages in the Upper Pontiac in 2015

The power outages affecting residents of Upper Pontiac have not decreased in 2015. On the contrary 2015 is a record breaking year for the number of outages. Farmer, David Gillespie who keeps track of each power failure has noted 61 since the start of 2015.

The year started off well with only three outages from January to March.  A few more in the summer, the kicker from late September there have been 26 more blackouts.

In 2013, Mr. Gillespie thought he saw outage peak at 60. It should be noted that the overall amount of time the power was out is down this year from 2013. 

New infrastructure funds for Pembroke Airport

Township of Laurentian Valley will fund hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Pembroke and Area Airport. According to an article in the Pembroke daily observer, Airport Commission chairman and Township Councillor Allan Wren requested that the township triple it’s funding to the air ports budget.

There was unanimously supported for a 200 per cent increase on the levy going from$1.12 per capita to $2.24 next year and then tripling it from it’s current rate to $3.36 in 2017. Mayor Steve Bennett stated that It would be hard to draw new businesses or other economic development into the area without an airport.” The mayor says that having an up-to-date airport justifies the increase.


Flu shoot, Vaccination time

Vaccinations to prevent influenza are available in the Pontiac during five more upcoming dates. The influenza vaccine will be available in Fort Coulonge, Quyon, Chapeau, Campbell's Bay and Ile-du-Grand-Calumet. The next date is Monday November 23 in Fort Coulonge at the salle de l'âge d'or, 566 rue Baume, between 1PM and 6:30PM.

People with chronic illness, over the age 60 and pregnant women, health care providers, caregivers and children 6-23 months are strongly encouraged to get the shot. Your Health card must be present to receive the vaccine. 

Fall Pickup in the Municipality of Pontiac

The Municipality of Pontiac invites residents to participate in the great Fall pickup that will take place on Saturday 28 November. The eco-center of the Municipality will be open between 9am and 4PM.

You can drop off all free green waste such as branches and leaves. Tires and metal will also be accepted free of charge.

Other materials such as construction debris, roofing shingles, and electronic devices such as televisions, computers and printers will be accepted at the price of $ 140 per ton with a $ 25 minimum fee. Concrete, used oil and paint will not be accepted. Some of these materials and articles are no longer part of the weekly collection. The eco center is located 1975 rue Lac des loups. 

The Pontiac 2nd Music Festival in Fort-Coulonge

Tomorrow is the second Pontiac music festival. The festival will take place at the Pontiac conference center. There will be a silent auction to raise funds for the Bryson House. Shryer Louis, The Secrets from Newfoundland and The Ramblin Valley Band among others will be performing. Tickets are 20$