• The treatment of mosquitoes should begin next week


  • A project to store fertilizer is coming soon

  • Open fires - do you need a permit?


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The treatment of mosquitoes should begin next week

The treatment of mosquitoes will soon take place in Fort-Coulonge and Mansfield. According to the biologist for GDG environmental firm, Richard Vadeboncoeur, wet and cold temperature this week delayed somewhat process but by the next week, the administration of the treatment will be begin.

Furthermore, GDG environment had issued job offers for the spreading of the BTI but according to Richard Vadeboncoeur, few applications have been received.


With hopes of bolstering special events in the city of Pemboke, the Recreation and Tourism Ad Hoc Committee has been formed. Committee members include Councilors John McCann, Christine Reavie and Susan Ellis and Jordan Durocher from the city, as well as others from the community. The committee's goal is to plan special events and activities that are initiated by the recreation department, generate new ideas and recruit new volunteers. 

A project to store fertilizer is coming soon

Farmers in the region are close to getting a considerable boost for their supply of fertilizer.

The Project will create temporary storage of fertilizers might see the light of day soon in the Pontiac. The Storage is necessary to keep the fertilizers from spoiling during the months that the fields are inaccessible.

Ultimately, this project will generate savings of approximately half a million dollars in all of the farmers who will be able to reduce their supply in fertilizer chemical. 

Open fires - do you need a permit?

Over the last weeks, 4 brush fires have mobilized firefighters the various municipalities in the Pontiac MRC.

Fire prevention technician for the MRC, Jonathan Perrault, recalled that each municipality has its own regulations when it comes time to burning of leaves and other types of organic waste.

A permit may be required in some cases, contact your municipal office to obtain the necessary information. 


The much anticipated Carefor Charity Auction managed to bring in big dollars for the organization. The 17th edition of the auction held on Saturday April 18th was geared towards raising money to upgrade the fire protection system. According to organizers, the auction raised more than $22,000. 


The federal budget that came down late yesterday afternoon (Tuesday) balanced the budget with a $1.4 billion surplus. However, that was done with the sale of $2.1 billion in General Motors shares and by reducing the federal contingency fund back to $1 billion. Conservative MP for Renfrew Nipissing Pembroke Cheryl Gallant says there are several things in the budget for our area. However NDP MP for Pontiac Mathieu Ravignat says money for the forest industry has actually been reduced in this budget.

He is glad to see some reduction in taxes for small businesses and extension of EI benefits for those caring for relatives with major illnesses 

Outlook for health services in the Pontiac positive after Bill 10 passed

Bill 10 passed into law at midnight on April 1, forcing administrative changes on healthcare institutions across the province. According to Gail Ryan, interim director general, these changes will have little to no effect on the general public.

In an interview with the Equity’s David Tulloch, Ryan expressed optimism for the changes, saying they would help make things more efficient for both staff and patients. However, beyond an increase in efficiency, she believes the public will not notice any difference in services offered.

Despite the integration of hospital administration, the hospital itself will remain largely autonomous. 

Possible location change for Bristol Municipal Library

The decision to move the Bristol Municipal Library into the town’s council chambers has frustrated library staff.

According to Head Librarian Elsie McIntosh, the current population of Bristol is 1,200 residents as well a large number of cottagers in the summer months. The standard size for a library in a town of 1,000 is 1,237.75 square feet. Bristol Municipal Library currently occupies 800 square feet, but if moved to the council chambers, this would be reduced to a mere 704 square feet. 


There is one excited band in the Ottawa Valley. In an update to a story you may have heard on myFM News earlier this week, Pembroke based "Yo Mama" has made it through to the Regional Finals of the CBC Searchlight competition. The announcement was made late Tuesday afternoon and band leader Shelley Montreuil says they are the only band in the Ottawa Valley to make it this far. However, now they will need your votes to stay on top of the competition. 

MRC Pontiac to invest 195,000$

MRC Pontiac will invest $195,000 in the maintenance and repairs of 360 km of forestry roads within the MRC’s strategic network.

The work is scheduled to begin after the spring thaw. The MRC’s regional inspector will be on site in order to identify the needs on the road network, prevent damage to watercourse crossings caused by beavers and to enforce zoning bylaws.

Although the forestry roads on crown land are the responsibility of the Ministry of Natural Resources, the MRC’s objective is to ensure secure access to the whole region.