• 42 year old Angela Distasio, from Aylmer, murdered by her husband Alain Gascon

  • The hunting and fishing association Club Mon Chez nous are awaiting an answer from the ministry

  • Gatineau was voted the greenest city of Quebec for Earth Day

  • Players Intrepid discover a corpse

  • The labor market deteriorates in the Outaouais

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42 year old Angela Distasio, from Aylmer, murdered by her husband Alain Gascon

The husband of a 42-year-old mother of five who died after she was stabbed and beaten in her Aylmer apartment has been charged with first-degree murder.

Alain Gascon, 49, of Quyon, is accused of killing his wife, Angela Distasio, according to court records.

Gascon appeared in court for only a few minutes today and didn’t speak as he was remanded in custody until May 1. He has not yet entered a plea.

”A court order forbids Gascon from contacting a long list of possible witnesses, including his five children. Crown attorney Sylvain Petitclerc said he will oppose bail.“They were a long-term couple,” he said, until they separated about two weeks ago.

Police are investigating at least one other possible crime scene in the case, he said, but he wouldn’t explain where or why. Two people believed to be the victim’s brother and sister were in the front row of the courtroom. Gascon glanced at them briefly and looked away. They wouldn’t talk to reporters after the brief court appearance.

The homicide took place a short time after Distasio had left the home they shared and moved into her son’s apartment, according to her stepbrother, Serge Grandbois.“ She told him, ‘Enough is enough. I do not love you anymore. I’m leaving,’” Grandbois said.

Distasio was found Sunday with serious injuries after a 911 call came from outside Distasio’s Symmes Street apartment. Distasio was taken to the Gatineau Hospital where she was pronounced dead around 2:30 a.m.

Gascon was arrested nearby, although police said he wasn’t trying to escape.

Meanwhile, an autopsy on Distasio’s body was scheduled for today in Montreal.“We will wait for the autopsy results before confirming anything,” said Const. Pierre Lanthier of Gatineau police. 

The hunting and fishing association Club Mon Chez nous are awaiting an answer from the ministry

The Club Mon Chez Nous areeagerly awaiting a response from the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and wildlife parks.

According to the president of the association, Robert Aubrey, the department must approve the engineer's plans for septic systems that should lead to a change in the lease.

The ministry had asked the campers of the Club Mon Chez Nous to dismantle all attachments fitted to trailers over the past few years.  A counter proposal by the association has been made ​​to the government. 

Gatineau was voted the greenest city of Quebec for Earth Day

With Earth Day, Gatineau is selected as the greenest city in Quebec, according to a survey conducted with TC Media to 39 municipalities of the province.

Although Gatineau is not the best city in the four areas studied, our city ranks first because it makes much more than elsewhere.

Gatineau residents are among the best to compost and recycle their waste in Quebec. In addition, there are fewer cars per capita in several municipalities in the province. With the Gatineau Park and the number of cases of lung disease among children is less important than elsewhere.

On average, Gatineau residents generate 216 pounds of waste per year, 50 kg less than in Montreal. 

Players Intrepid discover a corpse

Hockey players of the team of l'Intrépide juvénile de la Polyvalente Nicolas-Gatineau made ​​a gruesome discovery Friday in Campbellton, New Brunswick.

Teenagers 15 to 16 found a corpse near a shed during a practice for the pre-game Dodge Cup.

RCMP began an investigation and met the players. The cause of death is unknown at this time. 

The labor market deteriorates in the Outaouais

Regional county municipalities (RCM) of the Outaouais are suffering for the third consecutive year of contraction of the labor market, according to the Institute of Statistics of Québec (ISQ).

Although the MRC des Collines de Gatineau has displayed a rate of workers aged 25-64 still higher than that of Quebec, the deterioration in the labor market is very real.
Here in Pontiac, the rate of workers has declined by 0.4% between 2011-2012, while the MRC finds the third RCM with the lowest employment rates.

MRC de la Vallée -de-la-Gatineau is the only region to have grown at 0.2 points higher.

The 2014 edition of Foule@action

The 2014 edition of foule@action took place yesterday in several places in the Pontiac.
At the stroke of eleven, the children of several centers and youth of several primary and secondary schools in the Pontiac danced for the occasion, to the song Elle me dit from the singer Mika.

Foule@action is an initiative aimed at young people in the region and to emphasis on the good habit of being healthy by moving your body.

(Photo ; Young School Sacré Coeur of Gracefield)

4 students from CSHBO honored as part of the Quebec Adult Learners Week

Four students of adult education and vocational training of the Commission scolaire des Hauts-Bois de l'Outaouais were honored at a recognition event held in Ottawa as part of the Week of the adult training.

The president of the school board, Diane Nault, attended this annual event, as well as the director of educational resources, Stéphane Rondeau.

Stéphanie Lachance from the Centre de Formation Professionnel Pontiac in Mansfield was also honored during the evening.

It's Easter!

The celebrations for the feast of Easter will take place in the coming hours. St. Peter Parish in Fort -Coulonge, Father Réal Ouellette.

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The interview with Father Réal Ouellette is available in the audio section of www.chipfm.com in the French section of the website.

Increased police surveillance for the weekend

We remind you that during this period between Easter and since April 14 to May 11, all police services are patrolling Quebec, including the Sûreté du Québec in the territory of Pontiac, to a greater extent and will mean findings of offense to road users who commit speeding.

In 2012, Quebec police responded to nearly 620,000 offenses in connection with speeding. Among these interventions, more than 6,800 offenses constituted excessive speeding and about 13,800 offenses were committed in construction zones where fines are doubled.

The police will also give an offense if they find any violation of the Code of road safety.
Remember that speed is the leading cause of fatal and that the risks of being involved in such a collision increases exponentially when the vehicle speed increases.

Arts of paintings of Gerald Trottier exposed at the Ottawa Art Gallery

102 paintings by the well known artist Gerald Trottier, who died in 2005, are on display from April 10 to June 14 at the Ottawa Art Gallery.

It is the largest personal collection to be displayed at the Ottawa art gallery. Denise Trottier, daughter of Mr. Trottier has approved this exhibition.

It should be noted that Mr. Trottier maintained a very special relationship with the arts when he said God gave me this talent and he was not comfortable with selling his art, during his life time he would have given a lot at no charge.