• The CCOF wishes to encourage the public to participate in the next meeting of Mansfield

  • Minister Martin Coiteux in Outaouais to discuss the Regional Fund "Fonds d'aide de rayonnement"

  • A new formula for the Outaouais recreation sport gala

  • Extraordinary meeting of the Municipality of Pontiac Council tomorrow

  • Litchfield Council member, M. Ken O’Leary has passed away

Latest News

The CCOF wishes to encourage the public to participate in the next meeting of Mansfield

The Citizens 'Group, known as the "Comité de citoyens ouvert à la fusion" or the Committee open to Amalgamation (CCOF) for the municipalities of Mansfield and Fort Coulonge, currently encourage residents to attend the next meeting of the Municipality of Mansfield which is scheduled for Wednesday, March 8th.  

The committee is trying persuade the various councillors to go ahead with a free study on the possibilities of a merger. They say they want a consensus on this.  

The municipality of Mansfield-et-Pontefract has already stated in a release that it would prefer to focus its efforts on other matters at this time. 

Minister Martin Coiteux in Outaouais to discuss the Regional Fund "Fonds d'aide de rayonnement"

Last Friday, the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Land Occupancy Martin Coiteux, was in the Outaouais region to discuss the Regional Fund "Fonds d'aide de rayonnement" with various municipal officials from the Outaouais, including several mayors of the Pontiac MRC.  

Through his Facebook page, Pontiac MNA André Fortin congratulated those from the Pontiac for their dynamism and presence at this meeting.  

The Regional Fund "Fonds d'aide de rayonnement" aims to support development projects.  

The minister has already been across Quebec over the past few weeks explaining how the fund works. 

A new formula for the Outaouais recreation sport gala

The Gatineau Sports Development Council issued a press release in late January, which could have an impact on those in the Pontiac.  

The organization announced a reorganization of the méritas gala and the Outaouais recreational sport gala.  

Among other things, this collaboration with the various MRCs, including the Pontiac, will serve to offer a brand new gala to highlight excellence in sport and recreation in the Outaouais region.  

The gala's mission is to recognize the prowess of regional, provincial, national and international athletes and the commitment of Outaouais volunteers.  

Last year the Pontiac residents and organizations had managed to distinguish themselves in particular by the tribute awarded to Chantal Corriveau and the World Dog Racing Championship held at Bristol Dryland in 2015. 

Extraordinary meeting of the Municipality of Pontiac Council tomorrow

A special meeting of the Municipality of Pontiac Council will be held tomorrow at 7:30 pm at the Luskville Community Center.  

Several issues will be discussed in the areas of administration, municipal planning, public safety as well as recreation and culture.  

Recreation and culture will include the Maison de la famille project and authorization to apply for financial assistance to the Small Community Fund to renovate the Luskville Recreation Park. 

Litchfield Council member, M. Ken O’Leary has passed away

In a press release, yesterday, the MRC Pontiac announced the passing of Litchfield council member, Ken O’Leary. M. O’Leary was a council member for many years and occasionally represented the Litchfield municipality at MRC Pontiac.  

The Press release and full write up is available on the MRC Pontiac website, where M. O’Leary is described as being very involved in the social and economic development for the Pontiac and as a great man in his community.  

The funeral services will be held on Saturday at the St-Elizabeth Church in Vinton.
(Photo: Ken O’Leary – by Michel Vallières, 2010)  

Knights of Columbus Bingo, an essential on for the organization

In an interview yesterday with CHIP 101.9, on the volunteers council members for the Knights of Columbus 7221 Gaétan Viau spoke about the importance of the upcoming Bingo that will help fund many services such as the Parish hall in Fort-Coulonge. Gaétan Viau:

The full interview this Gaétan Viau is available at Chipfm.com in the French / audio section 

Quick thaw and potholes

In a Facebook post yesterday, the Municipality of Pontiac explained the different challenges associated with the rapid thaw, due to the warm weather these pass couple of days.  

Road conditions are the same throughout Quebec, as for the municipality of Pontiac, it is explained that roads within the municipality contain potholes and their service is currently trying to implement the various operations to ensure a repair of their road network.  

Even today, temperatures should be above the normal seasonal weather after the freezing temperature last night. 

Tomorrow Saturday, the weather in the Pontiac could reach more than 10 °. 

The MRC is pleased with the steps taken by the Sphinx Company

Following the meeting with Sphinx at the Municipality of Grand-Calumet Island, Wednesday night, the various municipal stakeholders of the MRC Pontiac and of the municipality were satisfied with the company's efforts to demonstrate transparency in the various operations underway.  

More details and an assessment of the information concerning this news will be available in the next edition of the Pontiac Journal, scheduled for Wednesday. 

Major changes within the Sûreté du Québec

At the most recent public meeting of the MRC Pontiac held last Tuesday, the municipal representatives heard from Yves Martineau of the Sûreté du Québec. He explained certain changes in regard to the structure of the Sûreté du Québec in the MRC Pontiac.

He described major changes within the Sûreté du Québec, but explained that the services in the communities will remain the same. He said that the number of boots on the ground in the region will not change but that changes will be on the administrative level.

Pontiac MRC Warden Raymond Durocher said he wanted to keep an eye on these changes in order not to lose services in the Pontiac:
For the time being, Yves Martineau is the interim head of the Sûreté du Québec in the MRC. Living in the MRC Pontiac for many years, the appointment of Mr. Martineau was well received by the mayors at the meeting.

Regulation of ATV and snowmobile trails discussed during the public meeting of the Pontiac MRC

The mayors of the municipalities in the Pontiac MRC gathered Tuesday. Several topics were on the agenda, including the regulation of ATV and snowmobile trails.

President of the Pontiac Quad Club Patrick Amyotte said that he was at the meeting to represent his club and the interests of all who enjoy ATV’s in the Pontiac.
He spoke about how the rules apply to everyone for the good of the community.
Despite the mixed opinions of the people towards the Quad Club, Mr. Amyotte remains optimistic about the future.