• Waltham Mayoral Election.

  • Laurentian Valley Fire Department called to fire at 1:21 AM this morning.

  • Patro Receives Provincial Funding for local wildlife tourism and education

  • Mathieu Ravignat says a multifaceted approach is needed to revitalizing the local economy

  • The municipality of Pontiac country fair will take place from 11 to 13 October

Latest News

Waltham Mayoral Election.

The process to find a replacement for the Mayor for Waltham after the death of Garry Marchand on August 28, is underway. Two posts on municipal council are up for grabs as the Deputy Mayor and Councilor David Rochon decided to run for mayor. The position of councilor for the number 2 seat is also available.

The process starts today (October 8) and will run until October 23. If there is more than one candidate running for any positions, an election will be held next November 22 with polls starting on 15 November if only one candidate runs they will be acclaimed into the position. 

Laurentian Valley Fire Department called to fire at 1:21 AM this morning.

Laurentian Valley Fire Department Had a busy early morning. At 1:21 AM A call was made to handle a fire at 1204 Pembroke Street East, this news is according to an article on the Pembroke Daily Observes website.  A garage that belonged to Eco Insulation was ablaze, forcing a family of two adults and two children in a house right next to the fire to vacate their home. The family should return home sometime today, No injuries have been reported the Garage has been demolished in the flames. 

(Photo:The Laurentian Valley Fire Department responded to an early morning fire Wednesday at 1204 Pembroke Street East. A garage used by Eco Insulation burned to the ground, but firefighters were able to save a nearby house. No one was injured in the blaze. The Daily observer)

Patro Receives Provincial Funding for local wildlife tourism and education

$ 9 340 has been awarded to the Patro of Fort-Coulonge and Mansfield. The announcement made by André Fortin, Member of the National Assembly for Pontiac, on behalf of the Minister of forests, wildlife and parks, Mr. Laurent Lessard. This funding is part of the assessment and development program to invest in local wildlife tourism for 2015-16 fiscal year. Patro will use this amount for activities in the forest, such as excursions, archery, fishing, ice fishing, and educational trips. 50 young people aged between 6 and 16 years should benefit from this financial assistance. 

Mathieu Ravignat says a multifaceted approach is needed to revitalizing the local economy

Mathieu Ravignat is up for re-election and it’s time for the Pontiac to decide who to send to parliament hill. In his interview with CHIP when asked about revitalizing the local economy he said that that the focus will have to be on multiple sectors.

When asked how Mathieu Ravignat would represent in the face of any partisanship he spoke about how he was willing to taking past risks.

The election is on October 19th Advanced polling is on from tomorrow to Monday. For the full interview with Mathieu Ravignat and other candidates go in the audio section. 

The municipality of Pontiac country fair will take place from 11 to 13 October

This year during a rhapsody of colors caused by the changing of the leaves the country fair in the municipality of Pontiac will be a beautiful sight to behold from October 11 to October 13 between 10AM to 2PM. This fair takes place in Luskville and it will have several new features this year from local produced and grown products, artisans and services from the region. The municipalities’ communication Director, Dominic Labrie explains.  

Admission is free throughout the festivities. The country fair is organized in collaboration between the municipality of Pontiac and the National Capital Commission. 

Local dairy Farmers Protest in Ottawa

Four Pontiac dairy farmers and a heifer made their way to Parliament Hill on Sept. 29 to take part in a protest, objecting the piece of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal that would allow foreign milk imports into the Canadian market.

The TPP, a trade deal that would allow for lower trade barriers between Canada and 11 other countries located on the Pacific Rim, was just reaching its final stages of negotiations when the protest took place.

Part of the deal directly affects dairy farmers since there were talks of letting up to 10 per cent of milk and milk products from foreign countries enter into Canada.

On Monday morning Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that Canada had signed onto the TPP. However only 3.25 per cent of foreign dairy imports will be allowed instead of the originally projected 10 per cent. This means that other countries will supply 3.25 per cent of the dairy products available in Canada. 

Liberal candidate for Renfrew Nipissing Pembroke Jeff Lehoux says it’s time for a change

The election is inching closer everyday with only 12 days to go CHIP is on a mission to talk to every candidate in both the Pontiac and in Renfrew Nipissing Pembroke. CHIP spoke to the Liberal candidate for Renfrew Nipissing Pembroke Jeff Lehoux, who says it’s time for a change;

When the Red Candidate was asked about important issues in the election, he answered by talking about children living in poverty.

Jeff Lehoux’s full interview as well as most of the other local candidates’ interviews are available on CHIP FM.com. 

Three weeks before the International dogs races in Bristol

We are three weeks away from the International dogs races held at Bristol Dryland. The coordinator of the project, Denis Rozon, has positive comments of the site that will play host to the event:

Despite the support of several sponsors, the federal election may have deprived the event of a larger advertising budget:

The event will be held from October 29 to November 1 and is free to the spectating public. 

Pembroke firefighter’s open house

What has become Thanksgiving weekend tradition is the firefighter’s open house and charity BBQ runs from 11 AM to 2PM it wraps up fire prevention week, this news comes from an article in today’s issue of the Pembroke Observer. The BBQ is sponsored by the Local Firefighters Association, the members of the Pembroke Professional Firefighters Association encourages the public to bring non-perishable foods to the event for the salvation army for their food bank.


Ladysmith’s Oktoberfest was a success this year.

Last weekend was the 2015 edition of the German celebration and according to the President for the Ladysmith’s Oktoberfest, Lorraine Bretzlaff, things could not have gone better, so much so that they might have broken the attendance record. Lorraine Bretzlaff explains;

The only problem this year was that so many people showed up, that on Sunday they ran out of food. One would think that during the event, the president and other organizers would be too stressed out to enjoy the event but this is not the case for Lorraine Bretzlaff.

This year was the 30th anniversary of the Oktoberfest in Ladysmith.