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Opening of cheese factory in Litchfield planned for late next year

Opening of cheese factory in Litchfield planned for late next year

3 November 2023 à 2:17 pm

Updated on 3 November 2023 à 4:06 pm

Some local entrepreneurs are planning the opening of what would be the Pontiac’s first cheese factory, Formagerie La Drave, in Litchfield late next year. It was recently announced that the project was selected for $100,000 in funding through the FRR stream 4 in order to purchase equipment. CHIP 101.9 spoke with one of the project’s co-founders Maryse Vallières-Murray, who said that they would like to incorporate a goat farm into the business.

“Vallières-Murray: It changed a lot, at the beginning, in any case, we talked about it a little, but it was supposed to be in the village of Fort-Coulonge, then finally there were several developments of projects like that it evolves . You have to know how to seize opportunities in entrepreneurship. That’s a little bit of what happened. So, the plans have changed slightly, but we still remain a cheese factory in Pontiac, that’s what’s important. Yes, it’s going to be Fromagerie la Drave.

François Carrier: Why did you decide to go with la Drave (log drive)?

Vallières-Murray: I see it as going back a little to the history of the Pontiac. We know that the Drave, the entire wood industry, was still very important. It’s certain that we don’t have a lot of it anymore, but I see a lot of agri-tourism, agriculture, I see that as a bit of the future of Pontiac. So for me it was really the link between the two. So, we keep our history and then move towards something new, innovative.”


The full (French-language) interview with Vallières-Murray, is available here.