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Dr. Marie-Josée Lupien discusses 42 years of dentistry

Dr. Marie-Josée Lupien discusses 42 years of dentistry

19 December 2022 à 2:30 pm

By next year, there will be a new dentist handling things at the Centre Dentaire du Pontiac in Campbell’s Bay, as Drs. Marie-Josée Lupien and Marc Chretien are stepping away from their practice and into retirement after serving the community for decades.

Dr. Lupien, originally from Montreal, said that she and Chretien opened the practice in September 1980 when they were both fresh out of school.

She said a rural practice is a little different from the city, due to the different levels of competition, and added that between them, they have around 5,000 active patient files. She said at this point she’s looked after three generations of some families.

She said that after more than four decades, she was grateful that they had found someone to take over the business, as the clinic was up for sale for around 5 years. Dr. Adel Belgrade first viewed the business in October and will take over operations on January 3.

The full interview with Dr. Lupien (12m55) is available here.