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Interview – Natasha Lamadeleine and Alexandre Romain – New Owners of Café Downtown

30 December 2022 à 10:20 am

The Café Downtown on Rue Baume in Fort-Coulonge is now under new ownership. CHIP 101.9 sat down with the new owners, Natasha Lamadeleine and Alexandre Romain, to talk about their transition from employees to owners.  

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Interview – DJ Martin Leguerrier – Live New Year’s danse special on CHIP 101,9

29 December 2022 à 12:41 pm

DJ Martin Leguerrier will be going live on CHIP 101.9 on New Year’s day, Sunday January 01 at 9p.m. to present an end-of-year dance special. In the following interview, Leguerrier talks about the show and how Pontiac listeners have inspired his choices of music in this New Year’s special.  

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Interview – Josey Bouchard – Pontiac Voice reacts to Mansfield CLSC closing its emergency room

28 December 2022 à 3:44 pm

The group La Voix du Pontiac – Pontiac voice reacted to the CLSC in Mansfield having to temporarily close its emergency room from Thursday, December 29, 2022 from 7 a.m. to December 30, 2022 at 9 a.m. The following interview is with the spokesperson for La Voix du Pontiac – Pontiac voice, Josey Bouchard.

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Interview – Erin Davis – carols at the CAP

22 December 2022 à 1:11 pm

Erin Davis talks about taking a group of students from Dr. S.E. McDowell Elementary School in Shawville to the CAP assisted living facility.

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Interview – Val Twolan-Graham – Hilda’s Yard

22 December 2022 à 9:48 am

Director Val Twolan-Graham of the Pontiac Community Players talks about their upcoming production “Hilda’s Yard”, hitting the stage at Pontiac High School on January 18 to 21.

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Interview – Dr. Marie-Josée Lupien – retirement

19 December 2022 à 10:06 am

Dr. Marie-Josée Lupien talks about 42 years of practicing dentistry in the Pontiac.

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Interview – Jane Toller – Cinema Lyn and meeting with Pascal Proulx

15 December 2022 à 2:15 pm

MRC Pontiac Warden Jane Toller discusses her theatre Cinema Lyn as well as the new owner of the Pontiac Industrial Park in Litchfield.

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Interview – Charles Beaudet – Xplore internet update

14 December 2022 à 2:48 pm

Charles Beaudet, the Vice President for government relations with Xplore, talks about the rollout of fibre internet in the Pontiac region.

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Interview – Gaétan Fortin and Gilles Dionne – Fort-Coulonge FD 65th anniversary

13 December 2022 à 2:44 pm

Fire Chief Gaétan Fortin and Deputy Chief Gilles Dionne discuss the 65th anniversary of the Fort-Coulonge Fire Department.

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Interview – Tim Ferrigan – Prix David

7 December 2022 à 3:31 pm

Campbell’s Bay Pro-Mayor Tim Ferrigan talks about winning the Prix David.

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