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Interview – Erica Ouimet – Pontiac Pride Festival

26 June 2023 à 1:37 pm

Erica Ouimet, a member of the Fierté Pontiac Pride committee discusses the rescheduling of the group’s second annual festival.

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Interview – Denis Ouellette – strike over

26 June 2023 à 11:31 am

Denis Ouellette, a representative with Teamsters Local 106, the union representing school bus drivers in the Pontiac area, discusses the end of their strike that started in May.

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Interview – Jason Durand – TNO road maintenance

19 June 2023 à 2:35 pm

MRC Pontiac Territory Director Jason Durand talks about the maintenance of roads in the TNOs this year.

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Interview – Desiree Tremblay Giroux – MDJ Campbell’s Bay barbeque

15 June 2023 à 3:00 pm

Desiree Tremblay Giroux, a coordinator with the Pontiac Maison des jeunes, talking about the year end barbeque at their Campbell’s Bay location which took place on June 14 , as well as their upcoming summer camp.

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Interview – Bianka Guillemet-Denault – new book

14 June 2023 à 4:11 pm

New Mansfield author Bianka Guillemet-Denault talks about her first book M.A.R.S.

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Interview – Laurel Lebrun – Domaine du Lac Bryson

8 June 2023 à 12:53 pm

Laurel Lebrun, one of the owners of Domaine du Lac Bryson outfitter talks about the impact the forest fires have had on their business.

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Interview – Dr. Melanie Lacasse – long Covid clinic

7 June 2023 à 3:20 pm

Dr. Melanie Lacasse of the CISSSO discusses the opening of a clinic in Gatineau for long Covid patients.

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Interview – Julien Gagnon – forest fires

6 June 2023 à 12:17 pm

MRC Pontiac Fire and Public Safety coordinator Julien Gagnon gives an update on the forest fire situation as it stands June 6.

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Interview – Kegan Keon – DIFD 2023

5 June 2023 à 2:39 pm

Kegan Keon, one of the organizers of the Do It for Daron mixed 3-pitch tournament in Shawville, talks about their 11th edition, which took place from June 2-3.

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Interview – Emilie Demers – SDB open house

2 June 2023 à 3:36 pm

Emilie Demers, a councillor with Sortir du bois talks about their program and their upcoming open house.

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