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Budget 2023: Rapides-des-Joachims

Budget 2023: Rapides-des-Joachims

19 January 2023 à 2:24 pm

Updated on 19 January 2023 à 5:07 pm

The CHIP 101.9 Newsroom is currently in the process of gathering and analysing each municipal budgets in the MRC Pontiac. Over the last few weeks, the news team has been talking to municipal officials and reporting on their budgets.

Here is a look at:

The Municipality of Rapides-des-Joachims:

As the farthest-reaching municipality in the MRC Pontiac, Rapides-des-Joachims can sometimes be overlooked, however despite having nearly the smallest populations among all 18 MRC Pontiac municipalities, with 141 residents as of the latest Statistics Canada Census (2021), the municipality is still pushing a million-dollar budget.

For 2023, Rapides-des-Joachims is expecting a balanced budget of $963,958 in revenues and $963,958 in operating expenses.


Revenues ($963,958):

The biggest portion of Rapides-des-Joachims’ revenues this year come from Transfers amounting to $442,167, with the majority of this amount coming from government grants to cover the costs of municipal improvement projects (see below), and expenses related to gas and recycling among others.

The other major porting of Rapides revenues in 2023, unsurprisingly, comes from Taxes at $234,647, the current mill-rate for tax payers is $1.12/$100.


Operating expenses ($963,958):

As for operating costs, it seems as though the municipality of Rapides-des-Joachims will be making big investment into municipal projects amounting to $454,210. Among the projects in 2023, the municipality will be building a $100,00 splashpad, along with improving its municipal road and local transfer site.

As for other notable expenses, Rapides is expecting General Administration to cost $214,103 and Transportation costs to be $129,325.

Click here to find the municipality of Rapides-des-Joachims full 2023 budget.