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Budget 2023: Municipality of Chichester

Budget 2023: Municipality of Chichester

16 January 2023 à 12:33 pm

Over the past few weeks, municipal councils across the MRC Pontiac have been developing and adopting their budgets for 2023. CHIP 101.9 will be discussing with municipal officials about their budgets and the realities of their municipalities.

Here is a look at:

The Municipality of Chichester

As one of the MRC Pontiac’s smallest municipalities with 350 residents, according to Statistics Canada’s latest Census (2021), the municipality of Chichester doesn’t have nearly the same budget and investment activities as other larger municipalities across the region. However, this year thanks to grants, Chichester will be making big strides towards recovering investment expenses from years prior.

For 2023, Chichester is predicting a budget divided into $1, 397, 782 in revenues and $869, 669 in operating expenses, for an overall budget surplus of $528, 113. However, this surplus only exists in the period before reconciliation, meaning a lot of this money comes from grants that will go directly towards paying off the municipality’s associated debt.

Last year, Chichester invested in the refurbishment of Nichabaud Road.

Revenues ($1,397,782):

The biggest sources of revenue for Chichester this year come from Transfers ($644,295), with the largest sums coming from Unconditional Transfers such as the TVQ Share Grant and Recyc-Québec, as well as Condition Transfers from Road Maintenance Grants, Gas Tax Grants, among others.

It’s other large source of income seems to be Tax revenue ($555,955), meaning municipal Service Taxes, General Operation taxes ($0.53/$100) and the MRC Pontiac Shares ($0.2045/$100). To which, mayor Donald Gagnon spoke out against the MRC Pontiac’s reevaluation of its shares. Gagnon told CHIP 101.9 that this 48% increase from last year is putting a major strain on his residents.


Operating expenses ($869,669):

As for the costs of operating the municipality, the municipality of Chichester’s biggest expenses this year are Transportation ($293,245), which includes Snow Removal ($163,791), Road Maintenance and employee renumeration.

And, General Administration ($260,001), Public security ($126,883), and Environmental health (117,783), which is the mainly the costs for garbage and recycling removal and transfers in the municipality.


Find more information on the municipality of Chichester’s 2023 budget here.