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After record-setting fire season, SOPFEU seeks recruits

After record-setting fire season, SOPFEU seeks recruits

12 December 2023 à 2:53 pm

Quebec’s provincial forest fire fighting agency SOPFEU is in the midst of its annual recruitment period, following the most destructive summer of wildfires in its recorded history.

Melanie Morin, a communications officer in SOPFEU’s western region, said that after a quiet spring, they saw more forest burned this season than the last 20 years combined. Things kicked off with a dry spell in May and June, followed by lightning storms that ignited more than 150 fires at the same time. Morin said that they then had to work to prioritize their response to protecting local populations and critical infrastructure.

She added that this time of year is when the agency typically recruits, and they’ve seen an increase in interest after the summer’s activities. They typically look for people with experience in the forest, be it a degree in forestry or work as an outdoor guide. She said it also helps if candidates are willing to move to various locations around the province.

More information on applying for the SOPFEU is available on their website.

The full interview with Morin (5m55) is available here.