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25 million artefacts will be stored in Gatineau

25 million artefacts will be stored in Gatineau

24 July 2019 à 12:00 am

Parks Canada recently announced that a new 8,200 square meter storage facility will be built in Gatineau to house 25 million archaeological and historical artefacts currently in six different facilities across the country. “By bringing them together in one place under the supervision of scholars and curators, it will be easier for researchers, institutions and interested Canadians to learn more about Canada and its diverse history” said a press release Tuesday.

The new facility will provide “high level” protection for many fragile historical and archaeological objects. Currently, approximately 60% of Parks Canada’s custodial collection is threatened by inappropriate storage conditions and environmental security measures.

Construction of the new building is expected to begin in the spring of 2020 and end in 2022.