The reissue of the book, Les Sacrifiés de la bonne entente — Histoire des francophones du Pontiac, Leads to a Request for Photos of the Pontiac
The publisher is asking for the help of the population
Article published on 8 June 2022
last modification on 7 June 2022
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A reissue of the book Les Sacrifiés de la bonne entente - Histoire des francophones du Pontiac is currently in preparation. The historian from Gatineau and author of L’autre Outaouais, Manon Leroux, is the publisher of the Société Pièce sur coin, responsible for the re-edition of the book originally published in 2002 by L’Action nationale and the Comité d’action francophone Pontiac.

She explained why, in her opinion, it is still relevant to republish this book written by Luc Bouvier.

"As for me, I realized a year ago that it was a book that hadn’t been available for a few years. And, it always seemed to me, of course, to be the book to get to know the Francophones of the Pontiac, but also one of the best books written in the history of the Outaouais in the whole region, I would say it’s the top 5 or maybe even 10 of the best books written about the area because the research is very solid and all. So, that’s it, I found it absurd that it was no longer available and that it was even difficult to find in libraries in Gatineau, among other places. So, I contacted the national action whose director I already knew a little bit. Then he got excited about the idea of re-editing it and actually re-editing it also with a new format a little bit so it won’t be the same as it was. »
- Manon Leroux, historian and author (Translated)

In view of this reissue, Mannon Leroux is currently looking for photos of places and people from this period.

“ There weren’t really any photographs of Francophones in the Pontiac. There weren’t really people, from the place, you know, who were born there, who lived there. It was absent perhaps because the author did not have the time or the opportunity to really do a lot of research with contacts on site. So I said to myself, why don’t we try to find these photos and make a book of them that is even closer to the people of the place in which people go even more recognize. So, basically, we’re looking for photos, I’ll list you a bit, but either people we don’t know, but who belong to a certain category. Let’s say a woman who studied at the Normal School of Hat to become a schoolteacher or a school principal.”
- Manon Leroux, historian and author (Translated)

In the les Sacrifiés de la bonne entente - Histoire des francophones du Pontiac book, Luc Bouvier looks back at the Pontiac school institution, managed at the beginning of the 20th century, mainly by Irish commissioners who refused to offer French education commensurate with the demographic weight of Francophones, even going so far as to apply Regulation 17 in its Ontario schools. The French interview with Manon Leroux is available here.

List of photos wanted

Illustrious Unknowns (people categorie)

  • A young woman who studied at the Ecole Normale de Chapeau
  • A French-speaking teacher from the Pontiac, before 1961
  • French school principal
  • Class photos, of schools where there were French classes (or French teaching)
  • French-speaking mayors of Pontiac before 1960
  • A first communion photo of a French-speaking child, before 1961

Specific people

  • Notary Donat Leguerrier
  • Hector Belec
  • Lawyer J.-G. Gaboury
  • Alphonse Martineau, prothonotary of Campbell’s Bay in 1936
  • Carmen Théroux, student at the Ecole Normale de Chapeau in 1941
  • THAT. Beaulieu, French teacher and pedagogy at the École Normale de Chapeau in the 1940s and 1950s
  • Émeril Leblanc, representative of the Pontiac-Ouest Electricity Cooperative in 1956
  • Dr. Lafrance, settled in Fort-Coulonge in 1956


  • Curé J. William Archambault, Ile-du-Grand-Calumet (p 196, will become chaplain at the Ottawa General Hospital around 1958)
  • Curé Camille Dagenais, in Fort-Coulonge from 1907 to 1935
  • Father Réal Boudreau, community of Sainte-Croix (appointed Principal École Normale de Chapeau 1940-1943)
  • Father Kimpton, Principal of the École Normale de Chapeau 1953-1954, then Principal of the École Normale de Fort-Coulonge 1955 -
  • Father Marc-L. Gauthier, parish curate of St-P-de-Coulonge, then principal of theÉcole Normale de Fort-Coulonge
  • Curé Zéphirin Lorrain of Bonfield (Ontario), in office in 1952


  • Diploma from the École Normale de Chapeau
  • Membership card, invoice, document, image related to the Pontiac-Ouest Electricity Cooperative (1950s-1960s)
  • Specific places
  • École de Demers-Centre (Isle-aux-Allumettes) (1923)
  • École de Desjardins (IAA) (1923)
  • Caisses Desjardins de Calumet, Chapeau
  • General store of brothers Moïse and Noël Raymond, Chapeau, 1950s
  • First municipal libraries in the Pontiac (the oldest)
  • Parish Hall of Fort-Coulonge or another (where there are Francophones) (built before 1960)

For people who want to communicate with Manon Leroux, you can send her an email at the following address: lerouxmanon

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