Reopening of campgrounds : the role of campers
Camping in Quebec during a pandemic
Article published on 1 June 2020
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Campers must expect to have to comply with many regulations in order to be able to engage in this activity this year in Quebec.

While the campgrounds are busy preparing to reopen for the summer, Camping Québec recalls that customers also have a role to play in the smooth running of the season, which will be launched June 1.

The President and CEO of Camping Québec, Simon Tessier.

Campers are therefore asked to comply with the regulations and signs they have put in place, in particular those concerning closed infrastructure, buildings and leisure areas. On its website, Camping Québec indicates that it is “essential that everyone applies to camping the directives that are prevalent in society in general concerning gatherings of 10 people or less, the physical distance of 2 meters and the measures of ’hygiene. "

Hygiene, distancing and other regulations involving campsites in pandemic times will evolve based on government announcements and will be adapted as necessary.

The public health authorities granted this week the necessary authorizations to reopen from 1 June next the camping sites of the seasonal and traveler types, in addition to rentals of ready-to-camp units, outfitting establishments and other tourist accommodation in Quebec. The marinas will also be accessible again from this same date.

The full interview with the President and CEO of Camping Québec, Simon Tessier, is available here.

The Association also requests the cooperation of campers regarding compliance with the following specific directives issued by the government (regulations in effect on May 29, 2020): Source : Camping Québec

- Only residents of the same address can stay together, whether in their own equipment or in a rental accommodation unit (ready-to-camp or chalet).

- The toilet blocks are reserved for customers of the traveler type who have no other option using their equipment. These campers must comply with the mandatory hand washing instructions and the reception capacities displayed.

- All common infrastructures must remain closed until further notice with the exception of the sanitary blocks which must be reserved for traveler type customers who have no other option using their equipment and laundries.

- The aquatic facilities must remain closed until further notice.
As is the case everywhere in Quebec, only individual or two-person recreational sports activities, without physical contact, in free practice, in outdoor places of practice are allowed for the moment.

- The catering services must, until further notice, continue to be limited to take-out and delivery order services.

- Indoor gatherings are prohibited. Outdoor gatherings should be limited to a maximum of 10 people from a maximum of 3 different households.

- Campers must limit their trip to a simple round trip between their home and the campsite.

- Some regions are not yet open. Campsites are still allowed to open, but access to these regions is still limited. For more information, visit the Quebec government website.

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