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The ZEC St-Patrice launches a hunting, fishing and camping store in Mansfield

The ZEC St-Patrice launches a hunting, fishing and camping store in Mansfield

9 June 2022 à 12:00 am

Updated on 13 September 2022 à 11:26 am

The ZEC St-Patrice has launched a hunting, fishing and camping store open to everyone. As explained by Anik Boulanger, from the ZEC St-Patrice, the organization has acquired a store on route 148 in Mansfield, very close to the Félix-Gabriel-Marchand bridge, in order to offer a variety of products to hunting, fishing and outdoor enthusiasts.

“By being a hunting and fishing association and with the purchase of our new building, we had a lot of free space. So, the idea came to us, while discussing together with the whole team, to open a store with articles of this kind. Unfortunately, in the Pontiac, we do not have a store specifically designated for hunting, fishing and camping items. People have to move to the city. So we decided to get some equipment. We did polls on our Facebook site to get ideas for items that people would like to have available in store. Then we got it. And that’s it, we decided to open the store to serve not only the members of the ZEC St-Patrice, but the entire Pontiac population. Now we are located at 321 Main Street in Mansfield, just across the red bridge. »
– Anik Boulanger (Translated)

The French interview with Anik Boulanger, from the ZEC St-Patrice is available below.