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Stop lights in Campbell’s Bay, new off-road rescue vehicle among public safety resolutions at latest MRC meeting

Stop lights in Campbell’s Bay, new off-road rescue vehicle among public safety resolutions at latest MRC meeting

27 November 2023 à 3:49 pm

There were a number of public safety resolutions passed at the latest MRC Pontiac council of mayors meeting on November 22, including one requesting a four-way stop light at the intersection of Hwy. 148 and Rte. 301 N in Campbell’s Bay. Along with the resolutions detailed below, council also opted to pay for the next two years of the new firefighter course at ESSC in Mansfield and adopted the county’s latest fire safety cover plan.

New side-by-side for Pontiac North FD

The first item on the agenda was related to the purchase of a side-by-side vehicle for the Pontiac North Fire Department (Thorne and Otter Lake) to conduct off-road rescues. In the spring of 2023, the Pontiac Ouest Fire Department (serving L’Isle-aux-Allumettes, Chichester and Sheenboro) withdrew as one of the departments providing off-road rescue services to the region, and the majority of the off-road equipment was moved to Pontiac North later in the year. However, since Pontiac Ouest owned their ATV, it stayed with the department. The MRC decided to purchase another model similar to their other off-road rescue vehicle, which is stationed with the Mansfield-et-Pontefract Department.

MRC Public Safety Coordinator Julien Gagnon explained that they had received two bids for a Polaris Ranger 1000cc Northstar Premium, and had gone with the lowest, from Lepine’s in Chichester, for $35,399.

Fit testing for local fire departments

The MRC passed a resolution to draft an intermunicipal agreement for the MRC to provide fit-testing for the masks and breathing apparatus of local fire departments, as well as neighbouring departments that offer services in the region, such as Kazabazua. Fit-testing is required every two years for the equipment, to ensure that the masks are airtight and functioning properly.

Speaking after the meeting, Gagnon said that while the MRC currently contracts out the service it’s difficult to coordinate with all the different departments to ensure that everyone is tested regularly, especially when the closest companies are coming from Montreal.

Gagnon explained that once they have buy-in from the municipalities, they would be able to apply for money available in component 4 of the Regions and Rurality Fund (FRR) for a portion of the overall cost of the testing machine, which he estimated would be roughly $35,000 (training included).

Gagnon said that with a quick turnaround at municipal councils, he hoped they would be able to move forward with the project by early 2024.

Stop light requested on highway in Campbell’s Bay

Council passed a resolution requesting that the MTQ look into installing a four-way stop light at the intersection of Hwy. 148, Rte. 301 N and rue Leslie in Campbell’s Bay, just outside the MRC office.

Gagnon said that they see a number of dangerous situations or near misses at the corner, partially due to the angle of the intersection, and have already received  messages of support from the neighbouring businesses as well as the municipalities of Campbell’s Bay and Litchfield.

He added that the request was initiated by the MRC’s economic development department, due to the possibility of new development on the lot across from the MRC office (former CPM building) which could bring additional traffic to the intersection.

CHIP 101.9 has reached out to the MRC’s economic development department for more details.