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SOPFEU records fewest June fires in nearly 40 years

SOPFEU records fewest June fires in nearly 40 years

7 July 2022 à 12:00 am

Last month, Quebec’s provincial forest fire fighting agency SOPFEU recorded the fewest number of fires since they started collecting uniform statistics in 1984. Only ten fires were recorded across the province’s southern protection zone in June, affecting just 0.1 hectares of land. For the past 10 years, the average number of fires recorded in June is 87.7 over an area of ​​10,007.7 hectares.

Melanie Morin, a prevention and communications agent with SOPFEU’s regional base in Maniwaki, explained that much of the province experienced frequent showers and humid weather throughout the month that didn’t allow for things to dry out.

Morin added that none of the fires recorded were in the Pontiac or Outaouais region.

In the Northern Zone, SOPFEU identified 12 fires that occurred during June 2022. Morin explained that in this zone, SOPFEU provides surveillance, but only fights fires that threaten communities or strategic infrastructure. Only two of these fires were subject to fire suppression activity.

The full interview with Morin (6m30) is available here.