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Shawville Curling and Golf Club introduces Golf Lessons and Shooting Games

Shawville Curling and Golf Club introduces Golf Lessons and Shooting Games

16 January 2023 à 12:31 pm

The Shawville Curling and Golf Club intends to differsifying its services this year, introducing new golf analysis equipement, lessons and something for non-golfers.

In an interview, Jeff Russell, a member of the Shawville Curling Club’s board of directors, told CHIP 101.9 about their newly installed golf swing analysis machine, which he says is intended to allow golfers to continue to improve their game over the winter.

As a complementary service, the Curling and Golf club also added golf lessons to the mix. The first of which were carried out over the weekend of January 07 – 4 hours of lessons in total – which Russell says the feedback has been very positive so far. The coach is Jessie Riopel, a member of the Renfrew Golf Club from Hailey’s Station, who is relatively well known in the Pontiac golf scene, playing tournaments with local golfers such as Stéphane Paré.


Shooting Games:

On top of the lessons and golf swing analysis, Russell says soon – within the next week or so – they will also be introducing virtual shooting games to the simulator, which he says will likely attract a different type of crowd.

The golf simulator, lessons and shooting games are open to the public. To book a session, head to Shawville Golf on Facebook. It’s a flat rate of 60$ for an hour, and $35 for a half-an-hour. Meaning, if you’re 2 people or 6 people the price stays the same.

The full interview with Jeff Russel is available here.