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SADC Pontiac hosts “Mingle and Jingle” breakfast

SADC Pontiac hosts “Mingle and Jingle” breakfast

8 December 2022 à 2:29 pm

Updated on 14 December 2022 à 1:56 pm

This morning (December 8) SADC Pontiac held their annual “Mingle and Jingle” breakfast at the Café Downtown in Fort-Coulonge between 7:30 and 9:30 a.m. The breakfast was a networking event to bring together entrepreneurs, elected officials and representatives of organizations throughout the region. This was the first time they’ve been able to host the event since the start of the pandemic.

SADC Director Rhonda Perry said that there were 45 people who registered for the event.

She gave examples of their activities over the past year.