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Otter Lake mayor named to MRC HR committee

Otter Lake mayor named to MRC HR committee

25 November 2022 à 12:01 pm

At the most recent MRC Pontiac council of mayors meeting on November 23, it was announced that Otter Lake Mayor Terry Lafleur would be joining the MRC’s Human Resources committee, filling the position left by the late Campbell’s Bay Mayor Maurice Beauregard, who passed away in October. According to the MRC’s website, the other members of the HR committee are: Warden Jane Toller, Colleen Larivière (Litchfield), Sandra Armstrong (Mansfield-et-Pontefract), and Karen Daly-Kelly (Thorne).

Campbell’s Bay is currently represented at the council of mayors meetings by councillor Raymond Pilon. Pro-Mayor Tim Ferrigan presides over the municipality’s council meetings, however he is an MRC employee in the evaluation department.