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Municipality of Pontiac sees 33% average increase in assessments

Municipality of Pontiac sees 33% average increase in assessments

17 November 2022 à 12:00 am

As the assessment notices went out in the Municipality of Pontiac this year, some residents were shocked to see the amount their property assessment increased. MoP Mayor Roger Larose explained that the municipality’s assessment took place in 2021, and is based off the house prices at the time. He said that on average, assessments increased by 33%, which is unusually high compared to previous years.

He said that they would be putting forward a resolution at the next council meeting requesting that the MRC des Collines address the issue, though he added that there wasn’t much they could do.

Larose said that they would also be adjusting the tax rate as part of their budget meeting in December to reduce the burden on property owners in the region, but said that it was too early to discuss the amount it would change.

It should be noted that any property owners who disagree with their assessment have the ability to request a review by filling out a form available at the MRC des Collines office in Chelsea. The cost of the review is $75 or more depending on the property. The deadline to request a review is April 30, 2023.