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MRC Pontiac finally releases Human Resources data

MRC Pontiac finally releases Human Resources data

27 October 2022 à 12:00 am

Updated on 3 January 2023 à 12:31 pm

MRC Pontiac has finally released human resources data requested by CHIP 101.9 in August. The request for data was acknowledged on August 8. Clerk Travis Ladouceur, acting on behalf of Director General Bernard Roy, denied the request on August 23, stating the following:

“The MRC does not compile leave data for employees. This data, which is confidential personal information, is kept in each employee’s personal file,” he wrote, adding that CHIP 101.9 could appeal the decision to the provincial access to information commissioner.

On Tuesday afternoon (October 25), the data was finally released with no explanation for the delay or the previous denial that the data is compiled. Warden Jane Toller expressed surprise when asked about the data at last week’s MRC meeting, saying that it was public information that should be released.

In the release, MRC staff note that there are currently three open job postings at the MRC, there are two positions open for land inspectors and one open for an evaluation technician.

Note that the data from 2022 is from January 1 to October 25

Sick days taken by MRC employees
Year Number of days Number of employees
2017 290 2
2018 286 2
2019 616 5
2020 838 7
2021 338 4
2022 200 2

*Sick days are leave requested by an employee and confirmed by a medical note, usually required after 3 days of absence.

Employee departures
Year Number of departures
2017 4
2018 9
2019 7
2020 4
2021 7
2022 8

*All types of departures are included here, including retirements. The number of employees at the office has remained stable at around 35 employees, but since 2021, has risen to just under 40.

Absenteeism rate
Year Rate of absenteeism
2021 1.18%
2022 3.18%

*The MRC hasn’t collected absenteeism data for years earlier than 2021. Absenteeism is calculated by taking the total hours paid and unpaid sick leave by every MRC employee and dividing it by the number of hours they worked, then taking the average of all employees.