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MRC engineer discusses summer work on PPJ trail

MRC engineer discusses summer work on PPJ trail

25 August 2022 à 12:00 am

Updated on 13 September 2022 à 11:28 am

With the summer coming to a close, CHIP 101.9 spoke with MRC Pontiac engineer Kim Lesage about the work that’s been done on the Cycloparc PPJ, the cycling trail that spans the length of the region.

She explained that this year they put out a tender for roughly 7 km of stone dust resurfacing and 2 km of ditching, on a part of the trail between Campbell’s Bay and Fort-Coulonge. The contract was awarded to Excavatech JL out of Maniwaki for a price of just under $150,000. This was in addition to the usual maintenance work done by the MRC’s seasonal employees.

She explained that the four inches of stone dust put down should last for at least 10 years, and they plan on continuing the resurfacing each year until they reach the end of the trail in L’Isle-aux-Allumettes.

Lesage added that they would like to hire summer employees in the future to gather data on how many people use the trail over the course of the summer, something that’s been done in the past.

Anyone with comments or questions about the PPJ trail can contact Lesage directly at

The full interview with Lesage (5m15) is available here.

image002.jpg Intersection with Flynn Road in Vinton, before.image003.jpgIntersection with Flyn Road in Vinton, after.image004.jpgDitching and surfacing work near Campbell’s Bay.