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Nathalie Denault

Nathalie Denault joined CHIP 101.9 nearly 20 years ago where she quickly made her mark. Nathalie is the go-to person for administrative files as well as the advertising sales sector. After all her years at CHIP 101.9, she has developed a unique expertise in the field of CHIP 101.9 Radio Bingo, which she hosts on a regular basis. Passionate about Radio Bingo, Nathalie is constantly looking for ways to innovate and offer a captivating evening. Listening to players, it is thanks to Nathalie that they now have the chance to participate in CHIP 101.9 Mega Bingo on the first Tuesday of every month. Loyal to her audience, Nathalie regularly organizes focus groups with bingo players to get their opinions and comments.
Daughter of the legendary Eldon Denault, host at CHIP 101.9 for many years, Nathalie inherited from her father her passion for radio and his community. Very involved in the Pontiac, Nathalie Denault is also a municipal councillor in the Municipality of Fort-Coulonge. She also sits on several organizations in the region: the George Bryson Cultural House, the Centre de loisirs des Draveurs (arena), and the Association Chasse et pêche Mon chez nous.