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Local dancer advances again in Révolution TV show

Local dancer advances again in Révolution TV show

16 November 2022 à 12:00 am

Updated on 18 November 2022 à 4:35 pm

A local dancer and her partner have once again advanced in the reality TV dance competition Révolution. Marie-Josée Corriveau appeared on the show’s eighth episode, which aired on TVA on November 6.

She said that their performance, which was in a head-to-head format against another pair, went well, despite a “shaky” dress rehearsal.

Corriveau said that they chose the song and style of dance they did to show the judges that they have a wide variety of skills under their belts.

She will be appearing on the upcoming three episodes of the show, which air on Sunday evenings, having secured a spot in the finals. Corriveau thanked all her fans in the Pontiac for their support.

The episode is available here (Corriveau and her partner start around 37m)

The full interview with Corriveau (6m) is available here.