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Levels normal on the Ottawa River this spring, says expert

Levels normal on the Ottawa River this spring, says expert

5 May 2022 à 12:00 am

The peak height of the Ottawa River looks to be behind us for this spring, according to an expert with the Ottawa River Regulation Secretariat, an organization that monitors the levels of the river’s watershed. Manon Lalonde is the executive engineer with the organization, and she told CHIP 101.9 that while there was some minor flooding in low lying areas in April when things peaked, the current weather forecast is promising.

She explained some of the signs of concern that can warn of potential spring flooding. The amount of snowpack along the watershed near the end of April when the thaw typically starts is a major one according to Lalonde, but the frequency and timing of precipitation (which is impossible to predict long-term) is also a major factor.

Lalonde encouraged the public to monitor the secretariat’s website during the spring in order to get their up to date forecasts on conditions along the length of the river.

The full interview with Lalonde is available here.