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Laura Mayhew named Shawville Fair Ambassador for 2022

Laura Mayhew named Shawville Fair Ambassador for 2022

17 August 2022 à 12:00 am

Updated on 13 September 2022 à 11:28 am

Last night (August 16), the Homecraft Hall at the Shawville Fairgrounds was packed for the annual tradition of naming an Ambassador for the Shawville Fair. The contest used to be known as the Miss Shawville Fair contest, but the name was changed back in 2011.

Organizers Hayley and Holly Campbell explained that each of the participants choose a section of the fair, from the beef show to the poultry barn and everything in between, and give a short speech about their chosen topic. The judges for this year’s event were Meaghan McConnell (Miss Shawville Fair 2005), Shannon Gillan of the Carp Fair and Clarendon Mayor Ed Walsh.

This year, Laura Mayhew was crowned the Ambassador, accepting the Equity Rose Bowl from 2019 Ambassador Cadence Beck. This was a bit of a family tradition Laura explained, as her older brother Alex was named the first male Ambassador in 2018.

ambassador3rszd.jpg 2022 Shawville Fair Ambassador Laura Mayhew stands with the Equity Rose Bowl.

She said that this year she would be showing a number of animals at the fair, including a calf named Peanut, a rabbit named Whiskey and a market lamb named Moonshine.

She said that she was looking forward to seeing everyone this Labour Day weekend.

ambassador2rszd.jpg 2019 Fair Ambassador Cadence Beck passes on the trophy to Mayhew.
ambassador1rszd.jpg The contestants for the 2022 Fair Ambassador, from left: Felix Vereyken (Poultry), Reese Rusenstrom (Beef), Laura Mayhew (Dairy), Ben Judd (4-H) and Mason Vereyken (4-H Booth).
ambassador4rszd.jpg Mayhew poses with her older brother Alex, the 2018 Ambassador.