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Important meeting for CISSSO users’ committee in Pontiac on November 7

Important meeting for CISSSO users’ committee in Pontiac on November 7

3 November 2023 à 11:32 am

After two years of waiting, the Pontiac will finally see a users’ committee set up within the Centre intégré de santé et de services sociaux de l’Outaouais (CISSSO), which had been looking for several months to fill this position. The CISSSO selected Pierre Saint-Cyr, who has already managed to set up resident committees within the CHSLDs (long-term care facilities) located in Pontiac. Committee coordinator Caroline Ferreira explained the mandate entrusted to her.

“We are very happy to have welcomed Mr. Pierre Saint-Cyr, who has been our resource person since June,” she said (translated). “We searched for this contact person for almost 2 years. Finally, we have someone who committed to us. So, we are very happy to have him with us. Mr. Saint-Cyr, mainly, his mandate when he took office was to put the residents’ committees back in place in the CHSLDs, in your 3 CHSLDs in Pontiac, as well as the users’ committee. So put them back into operation, make them autonomous.”

Ferreira explained that the committee aims to be the voice of the CISSSO’s patients in Pontiac. A meeting will take place next Tuesday, November 7 to create the users’ committee for the RLS Pontiac.

“So, on November 7, we invite the population to join us at the Shawville CLSC which is at 290 Marion Street at 7 p.m.,” she said (translated). “We are going to have a meeting which will explain in more detail what a users’ committee is and the mandate that comes with it, the responsibilities that come when you get involved in this type of committee. We will also have a special guest, we will have Ms. Nicole Boucher-Lariviere, the director of the RLS of Pontiac who will come and introduce herself, who will come to hear the population, who will come to present her work plan also for the Pontiac region, for the Pontiac territory. So, there will be a lot of information, we want to hear from people too.”

More information on users’ committees is available here.

The full  (French-language) interview with Ferreira is available here.