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Get your donations ready for the Knights of Columbus Food Drive on December 16

Get your donations ready for the Knights of Columbus Food Drive on December 16

8 November 2022 à 12:00 am

The anunal Knights of Columbus Food Drive, which provides Christmas food baskets to more than a hundred families in the Pontiac, will be held on December 16. Those who need of a Christmas basket this year are asked to make their request by November 30, by contacting Bouffe Pontiac at (819) 648-2550.

In an interview with the manager the KoC Food Drive, Ken Hobbs, he talked about the event in greater detail.

“Yes, that makes it a big… a big two days for the rest of us. There are many volunteers who help us. It’s a community effort honestly,” he said (translated). “There are so many people helping us, it’s not just the Knights of Columbus, it’s become, honestly, a family affair and it continues from one generation to the next. Then, it’s nice to see the young people involved now. In recent years, we were aiming for 100 families. Usually we have a little more, I think we had 107 or 109 last year. This year with COVID, well COVID is still here, but I wouldn’t say, it’s not because of that because there’s a lot of employment. So it’s not COVID, it’s more inflation.”

The Knights of Columbus are still looking for volunteers for the food drive on December 16 and for distributing the baskets on December 17.

“We need volunteers. We divide the community into 12. That means that there are 12 teams, on Friday evening, which go door-to-door and we cover all of Mansfield and all of Fort-Coulonge,” he said (translated). “And then, this year, there are three or four teams to fill, that I need help. The minimum per team is three people, so I need 12 to 15 people if possible to pick up door-to-door. Everyone can contact me on my cell: 819-230-3635.”

The full (French-language) interview with Ken Hobbs, the head of this year’s Knights of Columbus Food Drive, is available here.