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GDG Environnement on the effectiveness of the treatment against mosquitoes in 2022

GDG Environnement on the effectiveness of the treatment against mosquitoes in 2022

7 June 2022 à 12:00 am

GDG Environnement spokesperson, Richard Vadeboncoeur, spoke to CHIP 101.9 where he explained the reasons that, in his opinion, makes spring 2022 more difficult regarding the presence of mosquitoes for the residents of Fort-Coulonge and Mansfield.

” Oh yes ! Look, when you’re working with weather and nature, there’s nothing concrete, so there’s a lot of variability. Conditions were good this year in the spring. Not for us, but for the mosquitoes, the conditions were favorable. You still have to see that, last year, we did well. It was quite dry. You should know that there are always mosquitoes; it’s biological control, let’s remember. There will always remain a certain percentage. Last year’s mosquitoes have laid their eggs, and even mosquitoes from previous years, it’s normal for them to remain unhatched eggs that can remain dormant like this for 7-8 years. And, when adequate levels or humidity conditions arrive, then therefore, conditions favorable to their development, well there, there can be a “peak”, if you will, of development, therefore a more important hatching. »
– Richard Vadeboncoeur from GDG Environnement (Translated)

Despite the various reasons he gave, he mentioned not wanting to hide behind “ defeats ”. In his opinion, the dry weather during the summer could help see the number of biting insects decrease and he assured that GDG Environnement was committed to rigorous monitoring.

“ A year that there are few, well you’re down 80% and there were only 10, well there will be 2 left. So it’s the difference between a year where it’s very prolific and a year when it is quieter. The game plan has been followed, we will have the same results. So it’s still 80-90%. However, the residual portion is more important, so we understand and sympathize with people. We don’t try to find excuses. We do everything to improve the service year after year. And, when the conditions are favorable to the development of mosquitoes, unfortunately, regardless of our interventions, there remains a part of the birth that remains present for a few weeks in the spring. »
– Richard Vadeboncoeur from GDG Environment (Translated)

GDG Environnement also indicated that insects reproduce more easily in wetlands, so the company invites the public to empty any object that accumulates water, such as garbage cans, gutters, tires or canoes.

The French interview with Richard Vadeboncoeur from GDG Environnement is available here.