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From Rouyn-Noranda to the Îles-de-la-Madeleine to raise funds for sick children

From Rouyn-Noranda to the Îles-de-la-Madeleine to raise funds for sick children

9 June 2022 à 12:00 am

Updated on 13 September 2022 à 11:26 am

Two extraordinary cyclists were in the Pontiac yesterday. Jean-Yves Lebreux and Mario Grondin, part of the “1 Guy, 2 Pedals” concept, aim to cycle from Rouyn-Noranda to the Magdalen Islands in order to raise funds for Opération Enfants Soleil, which helps sick children and their families.

“Departed from Rouyn-Noranda for a 2,500 kilometer route which includes 27 stages varying between 75 and 130 kilometers. Even, one day, we overshot, we did 142 kilometers to avoid the rain a little. It makes us ready for anything. If things go well, we should get to the Magdalen Islands. First of all, I forgot to mention it, I’m doing my job, my project was a G deux P, a fatty two pedals, I was alone, but there is a friend from Bécancour, Mario Grondin, who joined me, who asked me to join me. Then, I’m very happy that his wife lent it to me for the next 30 days. To ride, it’s safer and really more user-friendly. In the pulse, the journey that we took 30 days, there are 3 days off. So, we had a wonderful day here in the Pontiac region and at the Spruce Home Inn. »
– Jean-Yves Lebreux (Translated)

It was in 2019, during the annual congress of the Association des directeurs municipaux (ADMQ), that Jean-Yves Lebreux had the idea for this project while attending a conference by the gold medalist at the Atlanta Olympic Games, Bruny Surin. “This conference touched me greatly and took on its full meaning, as the idea of ​​a bike trip was already quietly germinating in my mind at a time when I was considering retirement. So I went to the microphone and I announced straight away that I was giving myself the challenge of crossing Quebec by bike (alone), from Abitibi to the Magdalen Islands, a trip of about 2,500 kilometers, with the aim of raising funds for sick children. I am currently working on planning this great challenge that I want to achieve in the spring of 2021, from the first months of my retirement from the municipal world.” said Mr. Lebreux (Translated).

The goal he set for the cause was initially $10,000, but he increased that amount to $15,000 and currently the amount raised exceeds $20,000. People can also contribute by going to the following link. In the coming days, Mr. Lebreux and Mr. Grondin will travel through the Outaouais region, continuing on their way to the Îles-de-la-Madeleine.

The French interview with Jean-Yves Lebreux from “1 Guy, 2 Pedals” is available here.