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Food Waste; a free seminar for Pontiac residents

Food Waste; a free seminar for Pontiac residents

28 January 2022 à 12:00 am

The MRC Pontiac will be holding a free seminar on food waste alongside the organization Jour de la Terre to officially launch the ‘Plan de gestion des Matières résiduelles.’

The MRC’s Environment Coordinator Thierry Raimbault believes this conference will help guide Pontiac residents towards being less wasteful and to start thinking about the potential for waste when buying food and while cooking.

”The theme of the conference is really about wasting less food on a daily basis,” he says. ”We know that a lot of organic material winds up getting thrown out, and that material contributes to our greenhouse gas emissions. So, we want to help inform people about how they can help reduce the amount of food that they waste.”

Raimbault says the conference will be centered around solutions that will help residents reduce waste and on how to implement best practices. He says specifically the seminar will focus, among other things, on different ways of disposing things like table waste, vegetable peelings and left-overs.

The free seminar will be held virtually in French at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, February 2, 2022. Those interested can sign up at:

The full interview in Friench with Thierry Raimbault, est disponible ici.