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Denis Rossignol discusses number of qualified teachers in Pontiac schools

Denis Rossignol discusses number of qualified teachers in Pontiac schools

19 August 2022 à 12:00 am

In the August 10th edition of the Pontiac Journal, an open letter from a concerned parent highlighted the departure of ESSC teacher Kamel Bourenane.

In the letter, the author questioned the departure and found it abnormal that qualified teachers were leaving the school.

“I do not know the exact reason for your departure, but I find it abnormal that several dedicated, inspiring and adequately qualified teachers are leaving,” the letter reads (translated). “I believe that there is a lot of work to be done in terms of staff retention and recognition of the enormous contribution of teachers, for the good of future generations.”

Asked about this, the director general of the Centre de service scolaire des Hauts-Bois-de-l’Outaouais (CSSHBO), Denis Rossignol, said that first of all, he understands the concerns of parents, but he also believes that the number of teachers unqualified should be less important this year.

“He also had, a good relationship with the students. So he was a person who had a good impact on our students and yes he was legally qualified as a math and science teacher as well,” Rossignol said (translated). “So yes, it’s clear this concern, I share it, but basically also, it must also be said that the recruitment is not easy in teaching, I would say that the recruitment is not an easy period in any occupation, in any sector of the economy. It is the shortage of personnel, it is felt everywhere. So we are no different, we do not live in a different world. So, for our school service center, in our schools in the Pontiac, it’s the same thing, we have recruitment difficulties. So yes, we have people who are not legally qualified in the schools. Yes, we have staff in schools who don’t necessarily have qualifications to teach students, but we are putting resources in place, we still have a percentage more reasonable this year than we had in previous years.”

The full (French-language) interview with CSSHBO Director, Denis Rossignol, is available here.