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Delays in Hydro-Québec connection cause headaches for Pontiac family

Delays in Hydro-Québec connection cause headaches for Pontiac family

14 October 2022 à 12:00 am

The delays in electricity connections for new residences are having an impact here in the Pontiac. A future resident of Mansfield-et-Pontefract, Simon-Pierre Farley, explained in an interview with CHIP 101.9 that he reserved his Hydro-Québec connection months ago, but the date of connection planned for September has been postponed to January.

“We sent the first request on October 5, 2021. Yes, it’s been over a year,” he said (translated). “And, following the first request, we spoke again with customer service in November to be told: don’t worry about September 1st … The date we had had was September 1st. After that, in March, our electrician made a request on March 5, 2022 to hurry up because he said that the delays were long, they were long. So we said ok, there is no problem. And today the date that is scheduled is January 18th. It’s only been the 7 months they say …”

He was worried about insurance coverage if the lack of heat in the home were to cause any damage.

“After that, I called my insurance. The insurances told me: if the house is completely finished, we live in it,” Farley said (translated). “I can’t even go into my house because it’s considered still under construction because I don’t have hydro and I’m not covered for damage. I’m not covered if, say, my seal cracks because I’m not heating in the house, well I’m not covered. The windows, the drywall in the house, I’m not covered for it, I’m at risk, I don’t know if it’s going to crack. It’s a risk that I take.”

The full (French-language) interview with Farley is available here.