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CHIP 101.9 Radio Bingo increases weekly prize pool to $2,500 starting in June

CHIP 101.9 Radio Bingo increases weekly prize pool to $2,500 starting in June

9 May 2022 à 12:00 am

Updated on 13 September 2022 à 11:25 am

CHIP 101.9 Bingo, presented every Monday at 7 pm, will soon be getting some major improvements starting in June, as a way to be more generous and offer more money to its clientele. Following an extensive two-year consultation period with a variety of bingo players, CHIP 101.9 decided to raise its total prize pool to $2,500. In turn, the cost of the bingo cards will also increase by 4 dollars per card, or from $6 to $10, in order to adjust to the increase in prizes. The head of CHIP 101.9 Bingo, Nathalie Denault explained what the improvements will look like in June.


Bingo players will soon be playing on a purple-colored, which will come with a distinctive pattern for the special game.

The bingo cards have not increased from for more than 15 years. The increase in cost is, for one, due to the economy and increase in gas prices, and, for two, to be able to offer more money to bingo players, as Nathalie Denault explained.

CHIP 101.9’s radio bingo directly supports local news content as well as ensures the station’s general operations within the community. CHIP 101.9’s General Manager, François Carrier, who also holds the position of President of the Association des Radios Communautaire du Québec (ARCQ), explained the importance of supporting your local radio station’s radio bingo.

“Radio bingo is by no lesser meaning of the word, the financial lever that allows us to inform the population, to contribute to democracy by ensuring adequate media coverage and it’s also an activity that brings the community together,” Carrier said. “It’s a very real part of CHIP’s DNA. We always try to improve the services offered to our players to keep them engaged.”

The changes will come into effect during the Bingo on Monday, June 6, 2022 at 7 p.m. It’s then, that CHIP 101.9 players will be able to take advantage of the $2,500 prize pool for the first time. Note; CHIP 101.9 Mega Bingo, held on the first Tuesday of every month, will remain the same, with $5,000 in prizes each month.

Description of news games

The First Game: 1 Line, the hard way for $400
– without the four corners
– without the free space

The Second Game: The Four Corners and the + sign for $500
– Visible + sign in White on the Purple cards

The Third Game: Full Card for $ 1,200

The Fourth Game: Consolation Full Card for $400

The full interview with the head of CHIP 101.9’s radio bingo, Nathalie Denault, is available here.