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Budgets 2023

Budgets 2023: Municipality of Pontiac drops mill rate 11 cents

3 February 2023 à 3:40 pm

As part of our coverage of municipal budgets throughout the Pontiac region, CHIP 101.9 spoke with Municipality of Pontiac Mayor Roger Larose to discuss their plans for the year ahead. Larose said that this year they dropped their mill rate from 64 to 53 cents per $100 of evaluation due to a 33% average increase […]

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Christine Francoeur talks Fort-Coulonge budget: taxes stable, services increasing

2 February 2023 à 11:05 am

As part of our coverage of municipal budgets throughout the Pontiac, CHIP 101.9 spoke with Fort-Coulonge Mayor Christine Francoeur about what’s ahead for the municipality in 2023. She said that they had done their best not to increase taxes for residents. However, they have increased the cost of services, including waste collection, snow removal and […]

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Budget 2023: slight increase to Litchfield’s mill rate, plans for new fire hall

26 January 2023 à 1:47 pm

Updated on 27 January 2023 à 3:04 pm

As part of its coverage of budget season throughout the Pontiac region CHIP 101.9 spoke with Litchfield Mayor Colleen Larivière about what was on the agenda for her municipality. Revenue The mill rate for the municipality increased slightly, from 61 cents per $100 evaluation to 63. The municipality appropriated $236,004 of surplus to balance the […]

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Budget 2023: Mill rate stable in Otter Lake, grants for roads

20 January 2023 à 12:23 pm

Updated on 24 January 2023 à 9:30 am

The Municipality of Otter Lake has kept their mill rate steady at 62 cents per $100 evaluation, something Mayor Terry Lafleur said has been the case for the past five or six years. Revenue ($3,844,378) One of the biggest increases on the revenue side of Otter Lake’s 2023 budget was transfers, which increased from $823,837 […]

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Budget 2023: Waltham

19 January 2023 à 3:14 pm

In the last few weeks, municipal councils accross the MRC Pontiac have been developing and adopting their budgets for 2023. readers will soon be able to see the budget overviews of each MRC municipality and read up on the realities they face this year. The Municipality of Waltham In 2023, the Municipality of Waltham […]

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Interview – Fernand Roy – Waltham Budget 2023

19 January 2023 à 3:06 pm

In the last few weeks, municipal councils accross the MRC Pontiac have developed and adopted their budgets for 2023. In 2023, the Municipality of Waltham is projecting a budget of $2,092,877 in revenue. Which is a significant increase from previous years. The CHIP 101.9 Newsroom reached out to Fernand Roy, the municipality of Waltham’s long-time […]

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Budget 2023: Rapides-des-Joachims

19 January 2023 à 2:24 pm

Updated on 19 January 2023 à 5:07 pm

The CHIP 101.9 Newsroom is currently in the process of gathering and analysing each municipal budgets in the MRC Pontiac. Over the last few weeks, the news team has been talking to municipal officials and reporting on their budgets. Here is a look at: The Municipality of Rapides-des-Joachims: As the farthest-reaching municipality in the MRC Pontiac, […]

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Budget 2023: Shawville raises mill rate, service charges due to rising expenses

17 January 2023 à 2:39 pm

CHIP 101.9 spoke with Shawville Mayor Bill McCleary about the municipality’s recently passed budget for 2023. He said that this year’s budget wasn’t easy, as expenses were up due to pressures from inflation and the increased cost of gas. Revenue ($2,871,945) McCleary said that they raised the mill rate for 2023 to 83 cents per […]

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Budget 2023: Municipality of Sheenboro

16 January 2023 à 12:48 pm

Updated on 17 January 2023 à 2:02 pm

Recently, municipal councils across the MRC Pontiac have been developing and adopting their budgets for 2023. CHIP 101.9 is in the process of gathering the budgetary information from each municipality in the region and discussing with municipal officials on realities they face this year. Here is a look at: The Municipality of Sheenboro For 2023, […]

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Budget 2023: Clarendon keeps mill rate steady amid increasing expenses

12 January 2023 à 1:37 pm

Updated on 16 January 2023 à 10:14 am

Note: Some of the audio clips below have been edited for length and clarity. The Municipality of Clarendon is keeping with a longstanding efforts to keep its mill rate at 60 cents per $100 of evaluation, the same as it’s been for years. Mayor Ed Walsh and Director General Patricia Hobbs spoke with CHIP 101.9 […]

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