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Campbell’s Bay wins prize for park accessibility

Campbell’s Bay wins prize for park accessibility

6 December 2022 à 2:18 pm

Updated on 7 December 2022 à 3:10 pm

Over the weekend, the Municipality of Campbell’s Bay won the Prix David in the municipal division for the work they’ve done making their park more accessible for people with physical disabilities. The ceremony was held during a 5 à 7 organized by the Regroupement des associations de personnes handicapées de l’Outaouais (RAPHO) on December 2. The municipality was nominated for the prize by Loisir Sport Outaouais.

In the universal accessibility category, the prize was awarded to the managers of the Fondation Forêt Boucher for the adaptation of its trails and access to the site, located in the Aylmer sector of the city of Gatineau.