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Alleyn-et-Cawood upgrading their municipal office

Alleyn-et-Cawood upgrading their municipal office

7 September 2022 à 12:00 am

The Municipality of Alleyn-et-Cawood is in the midst of a sizable renovation to their municipal office, which will nearly double the current space, which is shared with their local library.

Director General Isabelle Cardinal told CHIP 101.9 that they had been planning the upgrades for about five years, which would create two new office spaces for both Cardinal and the municipal building inspector, as well as chambers for council meetings. She was pleased to note that they would also be creating a gym for local residents in the building’s basement.

She estimated that the overall cost of the project was around $250,000, which will be paid for with the help of several grants. She said that they are applying for more funding to allow them to revamp their library as well.

The full interview with Cardinal (7m40) is available here.