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“The plan should essentially be based on science” -William Amos

“The plan should essentially be based on science” -William Amos

15 January 2021 à 12:00 am

The government of Quebec says it wants to give the second dose of Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines, within a maximum of 90 days and not 42 according to the recommendations of manufacturers and leading scientists. The Member of Parliament for Pontiac and also Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry (Science), William Amos, has expressed his opinion on this issue. William Amos insists that any adjustment to Quebec’s vaccination plan can be based primarily on science.

The Quebec government argues that this decision will allow nearly 500,000 vulnerable people to be vaccinated and that this statistic justifies delaying the administration of the second dose by a few weeks. William Amos believes rather that there are risks associated with this decision and that science should be the main data taken into account for this purpose. “To be perfectly clear, the purpose of my comment here is not to interfere in the decision-making of the provinces. But, in my view, ultimately, vaccine administration should be done in accordance with the findings of the trials, which led to the approval of the vaccines by bodies such as Health Canada or the FDA in the United States. Science must prevail, ”says William Amos. The decision on which strategy Quebec will adopt will be taken shortly, to determine whether it would be better to revert to the initial strategy or to continue according to the current plan.

For a few weeks now, William Amos has also insisted on several occasions on the importance of vaccination, which in his opinion is the only solution to regain a certain normality.

“The best way to ensure solidarity is to ensure that all Quebecers and Canadians are effectively vaccinated in accordance with the best scientific evidence available to us,” reiterates Mr. Amos.

The full interview with Pontiac MP William Amos is available here.