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Explosion at Hayes Funeral Home in Shawville

Explosion at Hayes Funeral Home in Shawville

19 March 2020 à 12:00 am

CHIP 101.9 has received information concerning an explosion that occurred Thursday around 1PM at the crematorium of the Hayes funeral home, on James Street, in Shawville. Emergency services are in place according to images reported by several Internet users.

Hayes has confirmed the explosion, but will not give further details at this time.

Electricity was also stopped in the sector, the time to make reparations on the lines damaged by the events, as explained by the Hydro-Quebec spokesperson, Alain Paquette.

Paquette said that the explosion cut wires, notably from Hydro-Québec. Less than 500 customers were were affected by a power outage. Electricity came back around 4:15PM.

According to the first information released by the Sûreté du Québec, the explosion was caused by a possible defect on a high-pressure machine inside the building. Damage was caused on the building as well as on a Hydro-Quebec pole. No one was injured and the police indicate that there’s no criminal element at first sight.

Vidéo by Robert Loyer