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Community organizations picket for more provincial funding

Community organizations picket for more provincial funding

22 February 2022 à 12:00 am

Updated on 13 September 2022 à 11:23 am

On Tuesday morning, around 20 people gathered outside the MRC Pontiac office in Campbell’s Bay as part of a week of protests over the provincial government’s funding of non-profit community organizations. Picketers waved signs denouncing the CAQ government, and even had a large 3D caricature of Premier Legault’s head.

Daniel Cayley-Daoust, the Director General of the Table régionale des organismes communautaires autonomes de l’Outaouais (TROCAO), explained that the demonstration was part of a week of action across the province, and included 74 organizations from the Outaouais. He said that they had marched in Gatineau the previous day and had several more actions planned across the region to get their message out.

Cayley-Daoust said that they’re asking for a total boost of $460 million annually for groups across the province. He said that many organizations have been having difficulties with recruiting and retaining staff due to a lack of funds.

Martin Riopel, the Director General of the Jardin éducatif du Pontiac, explained that community non-profits are especially precarious in rural areas like the Pontiac, since they don’t have as large a funding base as their counterparts in the city.

The full interview with Cayley-Daoust is available here.