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MRC Pontiac warden candidates wrap up campaigns

MRC Pontiac warden candidates wrap up campaigns

4 November 2021 à 12:00 am

With election day fast approaching on November 7, CHIP 101.9 invited the two candidates for warden of MRC Pontiac, Mike McCrank and Jane Toller, for some closing statements on their campaign.

McCrank said that he had enjoyed travelling around the region and meeting voters in all 18 municipalities.

Toller said that knocking on people’s doors is her favourite part of the campaign.

McCrank said that what he heard from voters was that they were concerned about accountability at the MRC, and reiterated that he doesn’t make big promises unless he knows that he can deliver on them.

Toller said that residents were supportive and many wanted her to continue to build on the work she had started over the last term.

The full interview with McCrank is available here and the full interview with Toller is available here. Keep in mind that CHIP 101.9 will be broadcasting the election results as they become known this Sunday evening.