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Eldon Ostrom releases album to celebrate 50 years of country music

Eldon Ostrom releases album to celebrate 50 years of country music

27 January 2022 à 12:00 am

Pontiac country musician Eldon Ostrom recently released an album to celebrate 50 years in the music scene. The album, entitled “Me & My Boys” is a big one, two discs featuring several dozen classic tunes from George Strait to Ottawa Valley legend Mac Beattie, as well as several square dances and breakdowns.

Ostrom said that he had wanted to put together an album for some time, but figured 50 years performing would be a good milestone to commemorate. He grew up in a musical family, and from the age of 9 was performing in hotels around the region with his family’s band the “BrysonAires”.

He said that the name of the album comes from his two sons, Sheldon and Kenny. Ostrom explained that Sheldon, who tragically passed away in 2017 at the age of 27, was an enormous country music fan and had an encyclopedic memory for facts about his favourite musicians. Two songs on the album feature old recordings of Sheldon singing that have been restored, including the duet “Murder On Music Row”. Another, “Gavan’s Hotel At Quyon Quebec” is dedicated to Ostrom’s younger son Kenny, as it reminds him of a formative evening he had a the local institution.

The album also features numerous dedications to Ostroms friends, family and fellow performers.

The album is available at several stores in Shawville, Campbell’s Bay and Bryson, and are also available through Ostrom directly at 613-602-0079 or email

The full interview with Ostrom is available here.