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4 positions up for elections in Alleyn-and-Cawood

4 positions up for elections in Alleyn-and-Cawood

25 October 2017 à 12:00 am

Updated on 13 September 2022 à 10:38 am

In Alleyn-and-Cawood, a small municipality that borders the Vallée-de-la Gatineau, at least 4 positions are up for the November 5 election. Isabelle Cardinal, Executive Director and Electoral Officer says that the seats being contested are 3 councillors and that of the mayor’s:

Extrait – Isabelle Cardinal

For mayor of the Alleyn-and-Cawood Municipal Hall, three candidates are trying to get the job, former Mayor Joseph Squitti, Karen Montague Milford and the outgoing mayor Carl Mayer.

The complete interview with Isabelle Cardinal, is available here.