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$ 1.94 million for 21 projects in the Outaouais.

$ 1.94 million for 21 projects in the Outaouais.

24 January 2018 à 12:00 am

In support of the Government’s strategy to ensure the vitality of all territories from 2018-2022, the Québec government is unveiling more than $ 3 million in financial assistance that will be awarded and distributed to support 21 projects. These were submitted to the regional selection committee in the Outaouais region under the new Regional Support Fund – Fonds d’appui au rayonnement des régions.

Of this amount, more than $ 1.94 million will be committed for the 2017-2018 fiscal year.

The list of selected projects has been reviled. These projects respond to priorities established for the Outaouais region, which are at the core of the new strategy:

1. To foster secure development of rural and urban areas and consolidate a regional identity;
2. Reinforce the competitive position of the Outaouais within its borders;
3. Ensure the transportation and sustainable mobility throughout the region;
4. Protect the natural environment, improve the management of residual materials and promote adaptation to climate change;
5. Develop the cultural identity and ensure its accessibility;
6. Promote business creation and entrepreneurial culture in both rural and urban areas;
7. Support economic diversification and innovation;
8. Promote the tourist development of the region;
9. Promote and enhance the agri-food sector;
10. Support the development of the forestry industry;
11. Encourage academic perseverance and the training of a skilled workforce.